The inspiring life of Captain Zoya Agarwal

Captain Zoya Agarwal, a senior pilot of Air India’s Boeing-777, is the first Indian woman pilot to have flown an aircraft over the North Pole and also crossed the record-breaking distance of 16,000 km. Seeing this achievement of her and seeing the work she is doing for women’s empowerment around the world, the US-based aviation museum SFO has offered her a place in their museum. Also, she will be the first living being to make a place in this museum.

Captain zoya agarwal North Pole

In the year 2021, the All Woman Crew of Air India under the leadership of Zoya Agarwal set a record by flying a plane on the longest air route in the world. The plane flew from San Francisco, US, and reached Bangalore, India, covering the North Pole. Impressed by her achievement, the US-based Aviation Museum has decided to exhibit the achievements of Zoya Agarwal in the museum.

What is SFO Museum?

Zoya Agarwal SFO Museum

The museum was launched in 1980 at the San Francisco International Airport. Its aim is to make the airport environment more humanized. SFO Museum’s mission is to delight, engage, and inspire a global audience with programming on a broad range of subjects; to collect, preserve, interpret, and share the history of commercial aviation; and to enrich the public experience at San Francisco International Airport. They have so far collected 150,000 items that reflect the history of the SFO and the aviation industry. So far, only objects were collected here, but this will be the first time that a personality will find a place in this museum.

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The SFO says that Zoya Agarwal’s career will inspire many generations to come. Her journey so far has been quite inspiring. She is not only making new records in aviation but she is also doing commendable work for women empowerment.

Who is Captain Zoya Agarwal?

Zoya Agarwal has been associated with Air India since May 2004. In 2013, she became the first youngest female commander to fly Air India’s Boeing 777 aircraft.

She is the first woman commander to fly a Boeing 777 aircraft over the Hindu Kush mountain range and also fly the plane on the world’s longest air route.

Zoya Aggarwal did her B.Sc from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. After that, she followed her dream of becoming a pilot.

Zoya says that she wants to inspire everyone who has doubts about their own abilities to chase their dreams. She wants to keep on motivating the young generation so that they do something in the future which will bring change to society.

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On getting a place in the SFO museum, Zoya told ANI that “I can’t believe that I am the first Indian female to be in a museum in the USA, if you ask the eight-year-old girl that use to sit on her terrace, looking at stars and dream about being a pilot. It’s a great moment for me and my country.” 

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