Who is Aliia Roza former Russian spy who use sex techniques to infiltrate targets?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Aliia Roza Russian Spy; A former Russian spy who claims to have been trained in the same arduous military program as Vladimir Putin is speaking out against his country’s president, claiming he will do anything to win the Ukraine war.

Aliia Roza, 37, made headlines last year when it was revealed that she had fallen in love with a honey trap target. The brunette beauty, who fled Russia after barely escaping with her life, says that Putin is used to getting exactly what he wants and will not tolerate any kind of loss.

Like 007, she used sex to gain information from targets such as drug gangs and human traffickers until her true identity was found on her final mission, forcing her to leave the country. Now that she lives in the US under a false name, Ella Aliia has watched in horror as the war in Ukraine unfolds and says countries should unite to stop Putin.

Speaking about his past, he said, “When I was 18 years old, they sent me to a military academy… they showed us how to seduce, manipulate, convince people, how to shoot with different types of weapons, how to do martial arts, and be a perfect soldier in combat.

Roza was born in the Soviet Union and became a Russian spy as a teenager. She told The Sun : “In my opinion, European Union and the United States should unite together and close the sky, first of all and second, do an embargo for Russian gas and petrol.” (Aliia Roza Russian Spy)

“Sometimes when I watch movies like ‘Red Sparrow,’ I think, ‘My God, how do they know all this stuff?'” Roza revealed to Jam Press. “In my educational center we were taught how to seduce men, manipulate them psychologically and make them talk so that we could give information to the Russian police.”

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Roza believes that Putin’s goal is to “take full control of Ukraine” and position a new leader to succeed Volodymyr Zelensky.

She has family and friends in both Ukraine and Russia who are “scared” by the Putin regime. “Putin’s strategy is clear: do not allow NATO to station rockets or weapons in Ukraine, and he will do everything to achieve his goal,” Roza said. “However, he did not anticipate that the Ukrainians would fight back and receive global support.”

“Only four years ago, Russian military intelligence services used a chemical weapon on British soil.” “The truth is that a very small number of people can wreak havoc. Russia has a history of covert hostile activity.

“And I’m afraid it’s naive and wrong to think that only men can be covert agents, or that refugee flows can’t be subject to some form of exploitation.”

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