What is Anoop Mandal, Why Jains are protesting against this Organisation?

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Jains said that the Anoop Mandal is an anti-Jain organization based in North India

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Anoop Mandal is an anti-Jain organization based in some state of North India to dissolve poison in the minds of people against Jain monks and nuns. the anti-Jain organization has more than 50 lakh followers in these states. They preach that Jain monks are the focus behind earthquakes and global warming in this world.


What is Anoop Mandal?

Across the world, activism has a habit of taking something unusual, whether it be forced by climate change, to turn aside or to submerge women in sacred waters to get rid of “toxic femininity”. The beliefs of Anoop Mandal stems from the teachings of Jagathitkarni, which literally means ‘for the welfare of the world’ and was apparently written in 1909.

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In fact, there is not much credible research or literature available on these people, but a 1991 book titled Audience Gathering: The Jains in Society started this “anti-Jain” organization from 1920 by a man named Anoop Das was greatly influenced by communism in Europe. The book also describes how Anoop Mandal workers continued to raid Jain villages in independent India and were later banned by the princely administration, composed mostly of Jain ministers.

Anoop Mandal’s activism is intimately tied up with its climate change theories, making you wonder if this is merely a co-optation of the neck-sounding cause as a means of devious endings. This, in a state like Rajasthan where activism around the environment is kind of famous; Fringes (mostly tribal) of this specific region activists, over the past several decades, have taken it upon themselves to protect the forests on which they actually depend for survival. It’s also easy to weaponize the environment because the state is quite arid—only 8 percent of the area has forest cover. The temperature often exceeds 50 ° C.

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Why Jains are protesting against this organisation?

Jains said that the Anoop Mandal is an anti-Jain organization based in some state of North India, which follows the teachings of Jagatitkarni. There is not much credible research or literature available on this division, but in the 1991 book called The Assembly of Lissner: Jains in Society, this “anti-Jain”. The organization was started in 1920 by a man named Anoop Das, who was heavily influenced. By Communism in Europe. The book also describes how the workers of Anoop Mandal used to conduct raids in the Jain villages of independent India and was later banned by the princely administration.

The Jains community demands a ban in this anti-Jain organization, in 2017, a resident of Usmanpura has also filed several police complaints against ‘Anoop Mandal’. “This cult openly abuses the Jain community and now they are attacking our monks,” he said, adding that most of the road accidents that killed Jain monks took place within 20-30 km of those centers Where ‘Anoop Mandal’ is. Asked to be active.

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On Twitter, an account with the name of Agamshastra @truejainology wrote “We all know about the attack on Jain monks which is on rising since decade, no effective steps been taken by Jain society or govt body which is capable in all respect. Anoop Mandal which is spewing venom against Jains for decades, a thread in detail”.

In another Tweet, the User wrote, “There have been many cases in past where Jain sadhus being beaten up during their vihar particularly in interior areas of Rajasthan, What even worst, whenever there are no rains in the areas, the people of Mandal blame Jain sadhus for stopping the rain & for famine & drought”.

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  1. dhanesh choraria

    thats why we say education is very important jains have the highest literacy rate in india and are one of the peaceful community in the world its population is less than the population of all other minorities still it contributes a lot but some stupid and fucking idiots like this not onloy destroy the image of a community theya are spreading hate among the people
    this fucking disgusting peop-le dont have any knowledge they dont have any evidence no science bss chutiyapa
    chutiyapa bss krna h bsdiwallon ko just call it ANTI NATIONAL

  2. Saalo ko dimaag naam ki cheese paata nahi hai, kuch bhi bole ja raha, uoar woh log jo inko follow karke vishwas karte hai, woh bhi pagal hai….out of mind peoples…..

  3. Anoop mandal
    A mandal which is not just a anti-jainsim mandal it’s a anti-national mandal which seeks to divide and break the country which some USELESS taughts which doesn’t have any evidence or any sort of realistical view . They just want India to be divided and broken as British tried but but but British alsi failed and Anoop mandal will also fail.
    They are not only ACCUSING Jain’s but they are also accusing hindu and opposing Hindu’s culture:history: our old and historical books .
    They say ramayan is not real
    They say bhagwat gita is not real
    They don’t believe in gita then too some Hindu’s are supporting them.
    Time to break such mandal into mud so that again in the future no one can even think to divide our INDIA.

  4. Kon chutiya hai jo kuch bhi bol raha hai nonsense log bhi bebkuf hai kisi ki bhi baaton mai aajate hai khud ke ghar ka dhyan nai chale dunia ko sikhane

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