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Watching Brahmastra in the age of Amazon Prime’s The Boys

Brahmastra 2022 and The boys

Watching Brahmastra in the age of The boys: The release of the much-awaited Ranbir Kapoor starrer Brahmastra is around the corner. Although, since the trailer, I have been wondering what new world they will be offering. What is that new thing which I will be witnessing that I have not seen in a superhero genre movie ever?

We live in a world where Marvel movies are struggling to engage the audience with the Superhero genre. The writers in big production houses are reinventing superheroes and are making them more contemporary. With that, the Bollywood audience in particular, and the Indian audience in general have not been kind to the superhero genre. In the middle of this, we have Ranbir Kapoor’s big-budget VFX-heavy superhero movie: Brahmastra.

Anti-superhero genre

Let us take The Batman movie, for example, DC reinvented the Batman vigilante angle by making it a detective thriller than a superhero movie. Like, the protagonist wasn’t sure of who he was. He, more often than not, needed support. He was barely invincible or a messiah.

The trope that Brahmastra is going for is the typical mythology-messiah angle. We have seen that angle, haven’t we? From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones or even the recent Denis Villeneuve film ‘Dune’.  

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Amazon Prime’s successful series The Boys has changed the dimensions of superhero shows. The show is such a refreshing take on the idea of power, without dwelling much into the origin story of the characters. Not just this, HBO’s much-acclaimed series Watchmen does the same, and rather better. Both the above-mentioned shows are based on comics. 

While the above-mentioned shows are available readily on OTTs, then it is important to evaluate what better can one offer in terms of the superhero genre. 

Superhero Fatigue

Marvel Studios have, in a way, hit a benchmark with superhero movies and them a spectacle. But, even though they have tried so hard to keep the audience engage, and experiment the audience for the movies has decreased. According to the Morning Consult survey, superhero movie fatigue is very real, even among Marvel fans. Marvel fans who enjoy superhero movies dropped by 5% from 2021. 

Marvel movies are also trying to serve the fans more, which in the case of Marvel is huge. But, Thor: Love and Thunder did underperform at the box office. Although, Hawkeye on Disney+ Hotstar was worth the watch.


If judging a film on its merits wasn’t enough, we have the entire #BollywoodBoycott trend going on. Big films like Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chadha, Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan, and most recent Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger faced the brunt of the trend. 

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The film took ten years to make, and Dharma Productions clearly has spent big bucks on the movie. Both the producers, as well as the film stars would want the movie to work. 

Regardless, of whatever the film might be, it is important to give experiments a chance. Brahmastra is the first part of a three-part series of films. I like to believe, there will be much more on offer than it looks in the trailer.

Go book your tickets!

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