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5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion to become hindus

Many people in the world have been greatly influenced by hindus hollywood. Its people like peace and non-violence

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5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion to become hindus

Hinduism is considered one of the oldest religions in the world. Many people in the world have been greatly influenced by its ideas and culture. Its people like peace and non-violence adopt millions around the world

Here is the list of 5 such people who changed religion

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Russell Brand

Russell Brand is famous for his comedy in the English world. He is also a well-known TV producer, writer and screen writer. People remember him for his famous film 'Forgetting Sarah Marshel'. Russell Brand also lectures about Hinduism and is a firm supporter of meditation. You can understand his attraction towards Hinduism from this that when he married Katy Perry in 2010, he came to Rajasthan for this and he was married to Hindu tradition.

Kal Penn

Kal Penn was born in a Hindu family in America. He became famous because of an American TV serial called House. He has also acted in many films. He has also acted in films like 'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle', 'Superman Returns' and 'The Namesake'. He has also worked as a civil servant in the US government and is a firm supporter of Hinduism.

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Aniruddha Gyan Shikha

British writer Anwar Sheikh of Pakistani origin was a staunch Muslim in his youth and during the partition of India he also killed non-Muslims. Later, when he felt remorse for this work, he started studying religious texts and finally got Hindu by finding the right answer to his moral questions in Hinduism. After being a Hindu, he had named his name Aniruddha Gyan Shikha.

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These English artists are of Sri Lankan origin. She is also a painter, director and lyricist. Her songs feature hiphop, dance and electronic music. She started her career in filmmaking and design. Even she claimed that her famous 'Super Ball Middle Finger' act was a tribute given to Devi Matangi. Matangi is a Hindu goddess.

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Elizabeth Gilbert:

Elizabeth Gilbert became famous in 2006 for her memoir 'Eat, Pre, Love'. She is a writer. Her book was on the New York Times newspaper's list of best sellers for 199 weeks. Elizabeth came to India to seek inspiration to write her most famous book and at this time she accepted Hinduism.

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