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Video of couple kissing in Delhi metro is viral, Who should be punished?

Video of couple kissing in Delhi metro is viral, Who should be punished?

A video of a couple kissing and embracing on the Delhi Metro has gone viral on social media, prompting mixed reactions. While some criticized the couple for engaging in public displays of affection, others took issue with the people who filmed and distributed the video without the couple’s consent.

The debate over public displays of affection has been a longstanding issue in India, with several similar incidents making headlines of late. One of these incidents involved Rhythm Chanana, whose choice of outfit drew criticism and counter-criticism.

The video of the couple kissing on the Metro quickly sparked criticism on Twitter, but others soon criticized those who filmed and distributed the video without consent. Many argued that displays of love should be normalized and not cause offense.

Mixed reactions to Delhi Metro video

The public display of affection by a couple on a Delhi Metro has sparked mixed reactions on social media. Although some netizens criticized the couple for publicly kissing, most people called out the person who took the video without her consent.

Many people believe that it is inappropriate to film and circulate a private moment without permission. In addition, several people opined that the expression of gestures of love in public should be normalized, since it is a natural human emotion that should not be ashamed of.

A Twitter user wrote “Why do Delhi Metro travelers get scandalized when people kiss in the train? Mumbai aake dekho. You can see couples kissing everywhere and others mostly minding their own business.”

Another wrote, “Filming someone without their consent or posting a video of the same is punishable under IPC Section 354 C. But this is more about breaking a law, this is about a society so frustrated that it cant even see 2 young people show affection.”

Violation of Privacy and Law

Many individuals called out the person who filmed the couple without their consent, pointing out that such an act is punishable under IPC Section 354 C.

IPC Section 354 C is a criminal law in India that prohibits voyeurism, which is defined as the act of looking at, capturing or disseminating images of a person’s private parts or engaging in a sexual act without their consent. The section was added to the Indian Penal Code in 2013 and carries a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine or both.

The law was introduced to address the increasing cases of invasion of privacy and sexual harassment, particularly in public spaces. Its goal is to give people legal protection from being subjected to unwanted surveillance or recording, which can cause emotional distress and have long-term consequences on their mental health and well-being.

IPC Section 354 C has been used in several cases where people have been caught filming or taking photographs of women without their consent in public places. It has helped raise awareness of the importance of privacy and consent and has acted as a deterrent against such crimes.

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