Who is mastermind behind Chandigarh University viral video?

After intense protests on Saturday night and growing outrage over alleged leaked videos of female Chandigarh University students bathing in the hostel’s bathroom, the university team on Sunday broke the silence, calling the clips “objectionable” as “totally false and baseless”. Instead, he said a girl made a personal video that she shared with her boyfriend.

In a video shared by students, a girl is seen admitting that she made a video of other girls while she was taking a bath. It is alleged that this girl made objectionable videos of other girls and sent them to a boy living in Shimla, who made these videos go viral.

“All the rumours of objectionable videos taken from other female students are totally false and baseless. No videos of any student were found to be objectionable except for a personal video shot by a girl that she shared with her boyfriend,” RS Bawa, Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University said in an official statement.

The varsity team further said that there were rumours that seven girls had committed suicide, “while the fact is that no girl has attempted such a step. No girls have been admitted to hospital in the incident.”

Bawa said that there is another rumour that 60 objectionable MMS from different students have been found. “This is totally false and baseless. All rumours of objectionable videos taken from other female students are totally false and baseless. During the preliminary investigation conducted by the University, no videos of any student have been found to be objectionable.”

  • There was a ruckus in a private university near Chandigarh late Saturday night after a video of girls in the bathroom went viral.
  • A campus student has been accused of making bathroom videos of many girl students
  • Allegation on the student that she sent the videos to a boy in Shimla who made them viral
  • Mohali SSP said that till now no evidence has been found of many girl students attempting suicide, the accused student has been arrested
  • The university administration also called the girl students a rumour, saying that the girl students had fainted during the uproar.
  • Many ministers of Punjab government appealed to maintain peace, said – the guilty will not be spared
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No evidence of attempted suicide

The matter came to the attention of the police around 3 am on Sunday. Mohali SSP Vivek Soni told reporters that so far the police have not found any evidence to show that the schoolgirls attempted suicide.

Referring to the reported leak of videos of around 60 Chandigarh University girls bathing, the police stated that the accused girl only sent her video to her boyfriend in Shimla.

“Other girls in the hostel saw the accused filming her own video… They panicked and thought she filmed everyone else’s videos,” said Mohali SSP Vivek Soni.

He said some female students were taken to hospital but there is no evidence of attempted suicide in doctors’ medical reports so far. He has called on people not to pay attention to any kind of rumours, and no one has died in this case. At the same time, he said that an FIR has been filed in this case and the accused student has been detained and is being questioned.

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Calling the incident unfortunate, Punjab Minister for Women’s Development and Social Justice Baljit Kaur said the incident would be thoroughly investigated.

Who made the video viral?

In another viral video, the female warden of the hostel is interrogating the accused girl. In which the girl can be heard saying that she had made some videos and sent them to a boy living in Shimla. The lady warden asks why did she do this to which the girl had no answer.

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