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‘Trying to solve the doubts of farmers’: Union Agriculture Minister

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told reporters after the ninth round of talks with farmers’ representatives that “the talks with the farmers union were concluded in a cordial atmosphere, but the talks did not reach a decisive point.” The discussion will again be held on 19 January. Hope the unions carry forward today’s discussion. ”

Narendra Singh Tomar said, “We have asked the Farmers Union to form an informal group among ourselves, who should properly discuss the laws and make a draft and give it to the government. We are ready to think about it with an open mind. ”

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He said, “All the three laws were discussed in the 9th round of talks with the farmers union. The Essential Commodities Act was discussed in detail. Attempts were made to address their doubts. The union and the government decided that there would be a discussion again at 12 noon on January 19.

In response to a question, he said, “We all have a commitment to the Supreme Court and will remain so in the coming tomorrow.” The Government of India welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court.

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Farmer leader Darshan Pal Singh said that “nothing new has been kept in this ninth meeting. In every meeting there have been old issues and there were also. Our two main issues are to withdraw all the three laws and ensure the MSP. The government talks of giving a second option instead of demanding the repeal of the three laws.

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He said, “The government says that we hold meetings in small committees in which we will also be in small numbers and you will also be in small numbers. No minutes will be written inside that meeting and whatever will be common, we will put it in the next big meeting.

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On Friday, the ninth round of talks between the demonstrating farmers’ representatives and the central government in Delhi ended without any concrete result.

Farmer leaders say that the next round of talks will now be held on January 19 and till then the picket-demonstration will continue as before.

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