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What happened to Trees in revamped central vista avenue?

jamun trees in central vista avenue

One of the fears environmentalists had with the Central Vista project was that many trees would be cut for this project. However, now that the revamped Central Vista Avenue is open to the public, it can be clearly seen that not many trees have been cut in the Central Vista. If you look at the data provided by the government, only 22 trees have been transplanted outside the Central Vista Avenue. All other trees are within the redeveloped area.

191 new trees have been planted, taking the number of trees in Central Vista Avenue to 4000. The number of trees in the first CVA was 3,890.

The total green area at Central Vista Avenue is 3,60,809sqms.

During the redevelopment, 69 trees were transplanted. 47 trees were relocated within the central vista area and 22 trees were transplanted outside the central vista.

The old pattern has also been taken care of by increasing the number of trees.

In Central Vista Avenue, only saplings of Jamun, Pine, Topiaries of Bistendu and Moulsari have been planted according to the original plan.

During this survey of all the existing trees was done, geo-tagging of trees was done. Map of species, size, health and age was prepared.

One concern was about the felling of Jamun trees, but Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had already cleared that not a single Jamun tree would be uprooted. This has also been taken care of during the entire redevelopment.

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Now Let’s talk about the whole central vista project

How many Trees Removed in total?

Over 2,400 trees had been removed/ Transplanted, No tree has been cut, Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry told Lok Sabha.

How many Transplanted trees survived?

According to A report by Indian Express on data submitted in an affidavit by the forest department to the Delhi HC notes that 121 out of 404 trees uprooted and planted again have lived. That is only 30% as of May 2022.

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