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Trees Transplantation: How to manage trees in cities better?

Tree Transplantation techniques in India

Trees Transplantation: Central park is said to be the lungs of New York. The plot covers 843 acres. The landscape was completed in 1876. It was built because New York needed an open and green space. What was just built for leisure and other entertainment today also serves as an air purifier for the city.

Today cities in India are in desperate need of some open and green spaces inside them. Every city in India needs its Central Park. With little or no space inside the city and regular deforestation for development projects, Tree Transplantation seems to be a good option.

What is Tree Transplanting?

Tree transplanting is the process of relocating plants from one place to another. Plants can be cultivated inside and then shifted to outside locations when the weather conditions are suitable. Tree Transplantation can be of two types.

Suppose, there is a condition a bullet train project is to be implemented in a city it has to go through some areas which have dense forest here the option would be to cut the trees in the area and make the railway line or we can just approve the plant from its place and plant it where else

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In the second situation we could nurture a tree in a nursery and plant it when it is a little mature. Trees can be planted in the divider of highways. We are already planting trees but they have a very low survival rate because of no maintenance and care. This could increase the life of trees in these areas and help in reducing the pollution.

In October 2020 Delhi became the first state or union territory in India to implement Tree Transplantation policy. Under this policy trees were to be transplanted that were affected due to development work in the union territory and 80% trees affected by the project were to be shifted to a new location.

Benefits of tree transplantation

  • Transplantation can save old trees that were to be uprooted due to development projects.
  • By this method young plants could be protected from disease and pest until they mature.
  • Many parks can be instantly covered with greenery by transplanting the mature trees
  • It is a very convenient technique to save trees.


  • Very expensive techniques. Prices to relocate a tree could be between 10000 but sometimes it could also go till lakhs.
  • Shock of transplantation could decrease the survival rate of trees.
  • Often proper methods aren’t implemented while transplanting a tree.
  • Common mistakes like planting too deep or planting at a wrong location with different soil could kill a tree.
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India is a developing country. Urbanisation is at its peak today in the country. With the increase in need for space in cities, forests are the very first target. Trees not only give fresh oxygen but also beautify the place.Transplantation could save at least 70% of the trees that would have been chopped. Late winter or early spring is the best time to transplant trees. The move should be done after leaves fall in the autumn or before the new buds break in the spring.

Is it worth?

In Hyderabad NGO Vata foundation, transplanted around 3000 trees with 80 to 85% success rate. Locating a tree is not an easy task especially when it comes to moving mature trees but having the right tools and expertise can ensure the survival of trees during the process. Government of India should form a policy for Tree Transplantation and all the local bodies should start using this method for beautification of their barren local parks. Tree Transplantation could be an expensive method but could save a city from drastic weathers and disasters.

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