US Winter: Death toll rises, rescuers find themselves stranded

US Winter: Death toll rises, rescuers find themselves stranded

Millions of citizens have been stranded in the cold due to heavy snowfall on Christmas Eve in the United States, while the number of people who have died in various incidents due to this weather rises to 31. In western New York, the situation has become so bad due to the blizzard that rescuers are … Read more

Cold weather doesn’t mean global warming isn’t happening

Cold weather doesn't mean global warming isn't happening

The wave of extreme cold that affects millions of Americans has made it necessary to activate protocols to deal with it, on Friday in some parts of the country the temperature was recorded at -40. For years, both casual observers and anti-scientific commentators have pointed to snowfall and low temperatures to question the scientific reality … Read more

Cyclone bomb hits US, 13 dead as temp falls to -45°C

Cyclone bomb hits US, 13 dead as temp falls to -45°C

At the height of the Christmas season, a winter storm hits the United States. This is the biggest cold and snowstorm in recent decades, which mainly affects the Midwest of the country. The thermal sensation can reach in these places up to -55 °C during the weekend, as the National Weather Service (NWS) has warned. … Read more

As winter storms sweep US, people question global warming

US Winter: Death toll rises, rescuers find themselves stranded

A once-in-a-decade monster winter storm is battering a large swath of the central United States with snow and frigid temperatures, wreaking havoc on roads and cancelling thousands of flights as the holiday season reaches its peak. The strengthening storm will bring more than 12 inches of snow and possible blizzard conditions to the Midwest as … Read more

The ‘Emperor of Winter’ Chilla-e-kalan begins in Kashmir

In Jammu and Kashmir, the 40-day ‘Chilla-e-kalan’, considered the ‘Emperor of Winter’, has started from December 21, but the severity of winter has already increased before the arrival of Chilla-e-kalan this year. Meteorological officials calling the cold wave unusual, and elderly Kashmiris say no such cold has been felt in recent decades. In Kashmir, meteorological … Read more

What is La Nina Winter that this winter is about to be?

Winter 2022-23 set to be another La Nina winter

For the upcoming winter season, a “Triple Dip La Nina” appears to be in the offing, and better yet, current sea surface temperatures show a strong La Nina event. There is a 76% chance of a La Nina during the Northern Hemisphere winter (December-February) 2022-23, favouring a transition to ENSO-neutral in February-April 2023 (57% chance). … Read more

Places to see snowfall in December and January in India

10 places to see snowfall in December and January

Places to see snowfall in India| Ground Report | New Delhi: Due to its beautiful tourist destinations, India has a different identity in the world. Winter has knocked on your door. If you are surfing the top places to visit in India then December is the best month. You can enjoy the Christmas holidays to … Read more

Winter brings havoc in Kashmir, Srinagar’s minus 8.4 lowest in 25 yrs

The cold weather conditions on Thursday increased the winter havoc in the Kashmir Valley with mercury settling at minus 8.4°C in Srinagar, the lowest temperature of the season so far and the coldest January night in the past 25 years. Meanwhile, there was a narrow escape of an aircraft on the Srinagar airport highway after … Read more

Bone Health Care: 5 Ways to Keep Bones Healthy and Strong in Winter

During winters there is a sudden increase in bone related problems, which can be due to various reasons. Is a result of. People tend to reduce physical activity during the cold season compared to summer. Due to which the bone weakens with stiffening. In this case, vitamin D can be beneficial for the health of bones. During the winter season, … Read more