Water Vision @ 2047 and its objective, Explained!

PM Modi at bhopal water conference

On 5th January 2023, the Prime Minister addressed the 1st All India Annual State Ministers’ Conference on Water via video message. The theme of the conference was ‘Water Vision @ 2047’. The objective of the forum is to bring together key policymakers for discussions on ways to harness water resources for sustainable development and human … Read more

#Explained ‘Naula’: Ancient Way to Conserve Water

Uttarakhand naula ancient method to conserve water

Earth is the only planet known to us that has life. Amidst all the life-sustaining resources, water is the most precious. Every major civilization and cities are built near or around a water body. Millions of people in India are dependent on the Himalayas for their water needs. But how do remote Himalayan villages fulfill … Read more