FIFA World Cup Qatar: Palestine listed under Asian countries but not Israel, why

FIFA World Cup Qatar: Palestine listed under Asian countries but not Israel, why

Arab soccer fans at the first World Cup in the Middle East shy away from Israeli journalists in Qatar trying to interview them, illustrating the challenges facing broader peace ambitions two years after some Gulf states forged formal ties with Israel. The official FIFA World Cup website only has Palestine listed under Asian countries, not … Read more

Explained: What’s Driving the Israel-Palestine Violence? 

Explained: What's Driving the Israeli-Palestine Violence? 

Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip exchanged fire on Saturday in the worst episode of cross-border violence since the 11-day war between Israel and Hamas last year. Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 11 people, including a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed militant group, who was killed in a … Read more

Tel Aviv Bar attack: What we know about it so far?

Tel Aviv Bar attack: What we know about it so far?

At least two people died and four were seriously injured after an attack at various points in Tel Aviv, a city on the coast of Israel. In trying to identify the attacker, the authorities have asked citizens to stay at home and take extreme precautions. Tel Aviv Bar attack The shooting occurred on Dizengoff Street, … Read more

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continued for a second day

Israeli airstrikes

In response to Hamas fireballs, the Israeli army has again bombed Gaza, and fresh tensions threaten to end last month’s ceasefire agreement. Ground Report | New Delhi: Israeli airstrikes Gaza; The Israeli military says it carried out airstrikes on Gaza late Thursday night, “in response to Hamas bombings.” The Israeli strikes were so loud that their … Read more

Uneasy talks between Israel, UAE on Palestine

Aqsa Mosque

The questions were mainly about the retaliation of Israel’s troops but were also being asked about the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Ground Report | New Delhi: Relations between Israel and the UAE have been strained due to the bloody conflict between Israel and Palestine last month. Jerusalem’s deputy mayor told the AFP news agency that it had … Read more

Israel has to accept existence: US President Joe Biden

Ground Report | New Delhi: US President Joe Biden has clarified that “there has been no change in his outlook and his commitment to Israel.” He said that “the support of the Democratic Party of America is still with Israel.” President Joe Biden said this in a press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in … Read more

In conflict with Gaza, Israel’s Twitter account tweets 1,000 rockets with emojis

Engaged in a military escalation with Palestinian armed groups, the State of Israel  posted on its Twitter account 1,628 times the emoji of a rocket, in order to show “the total number of rockets fired at Israeli civilians”. Ground report | New Delhi: The demonstration is meant to speak, failing to seek to appease the comments that … Read more

Israel said this time nothing less than a permanent solution

Expressive image

We do not want any short-term solution says senior adviser to Israeli PM Ground Report | New Delhi: Mark Regev, a senior adviser to Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has said Israel wants lasting peace.  In a conversation with BBC Regev said a short-term solution would become a recipe for another Gaza war. He said, … Read more

Days before wedding, Anas loses her fiancée after bombing in Gaza

Mohammed Abdulaziz

‘Praise be to God, and this is patience from God’ says Anas The sounds of the bombing of the Gaza Strip do not stop. Calm continues for minutes, and the sounds of rockets and raids from Israeli forces return again without mercy. A young man “Anas Al-Yazji” sent a message to her fiancée asked her … Read more

Poetry about Palestine “I worship them and protect them from the wind”

Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem

Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem, words that topped search engines on “Google”, coinciding with ignition of atmosphere inside Palestinian territories. Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem Pushed them to try to access verses of poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem, Whether describing the situation they are going through, by using them in the hashtags on various social media. Therefore, … Read more