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Home ยป Al Jazeeera, other international media outlets in Gaza destroyed by Israeli air strike

Al Jazeeera, other international media outlets in Gaza destroyed by Israeli air strike

12-story building with media offices collapsed in Israeli attack

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Israeli army carried out a strike on the ten-story building housing the premises of the Qatari television station Al-Jazeera and the American news agency Associated Press (AP) in the Gaza Strip , noted journalists from Agence France-Presse.

The Reuters news agency reported that the owner of the building had received a warning of an attack from Israel before the attack, after which it was evacuated.

This 12-storey tower block had several apartments and other offices.

“The army warned the owner of the tower in which the Associated Press has its premises that it would be targeted” by a strike, a journalist from the AP agency wrote on Twitter shortly before.

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Despite intensified diplomatic efforts to end five days of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, the Israeli Air Force also struck several sites in the coastal enclave overnight Friday. until Saturday, as rockets were launched again from Gaza into Israel.

Among the victims of this latest round of Israeli shelling on the Palestinian enclave are eight children and two female members of the same family who were in their three-story building located in the Al Shati refugee camp, according to these paramedical sources at Gaza.

After watching at least three missiles strike the building, and its subsequent collapse, Al Kahlout said he had worked at the building for 11 years, and often did live reports from its roof.

“I have been covering lots of events from this building,” he said. “We have lots of good memories with our colleagues”.

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It was not immediately made clear why the building was targeted by Israel, but comes as scores of structure have been demolished, sometimes after a warning phone call or missile “tap”, by Israeli attacks in the Palestinian enclave.

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