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Israel Palestine conflict: This country refused to support Israel

Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina said her country had no such support

Ground Report | New Delhi: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on Sunday that 25 countries have supported him at present, but dismissing his claims, the Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina said that her country had no such support.

Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bisera Turkovich, has said that her country has never supported Israel.

She has issued a statement which has been tweeted from her Twitter handle.

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The tweet states, “The flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina only supports peace and efforts to achieve a just solution for the flag of Palestinian territories. The flag of Israel does not lead to violence, lasting peace and stability.”

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“We call for an immediate end to the attacks in which innocent people are killed, and we support a solution involving both countries, believing that only dialogue can bring lasting peace. Also support those who will help stop the wave of violence.”

In addition to the Foreign Minister, Bosnia and Herzegovina President Bosnian member of the Council Sefic Zafarovich has also said that his country does not support the killing of innocent civilians.

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She wrote on Facebook, “My message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that neither does nor can support the killing of innocent people by Israeli military forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina Gaza.”

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She has asked Netanyahu to stop ‘persistent attacks’ on Gaza and contribute to establishing peace for Palestinians and Israelis.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a tweet on Sunday morning in which he thanked the 25 countries currently supporting Israel.

Netanyahu in his tweet first mentioned 25 countries including America, then Albania, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine.

He wrote that “Thank you all for supporting our right to self-defense against terrorist attacks and for standing firm with Israel.”

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