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Israel said this time nothing less than a permanent solution

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We do not want any short-term solution says senior adviser to Israeli PM

Ground Report | New Delhi: Mark Regev, a senior adviser to Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has said Israel wants lasting peace.  In a conversation with BBC Regev said a short-term solution would become a recipe for another Gaza war. He said, “We want to bring a solution from this, so that peace can be established in the long run.

We do not want any short-term solution, which will be finished soon.”  The conflict that began in East Jerusalem has now turned into attacks from both sides. Hamas has rocketed several cities in Israel, while Israel has carried out air bombardment on Gaza.

More than 200 Palestinians have been killed in the attack, while six people have died in Israel. Israel said that Hamas have been killed in its attack. Ministry of Health says that majority of ordinary civilians have been killed, including women and children.

A Palestinian citizen was killed and more than 46 Palestinian civilians were wounded by bullets from Isreali forces. During clashes broke out between youths and forces city of Al-Bireh. Palestinian Ministry of Health reported death of a 25-year-old youth, Muhammad Ishaq Hamid, was shot with bullets in chest.

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The total number of injuries that reached the Palestine Medical Complex so far is 46. An Israeli military spokesman said that an officer and a female soldier of soldiers were wounded in an exchange of fire with Palestinian.

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On the other hand, a young man was wounded by live bullets on Tuesday afternoon. During clashes with the Israeli forces in Beit Sira village, west of Ramallah. According to locals, young man was wounded by live bullets in foot, and was taken to hospital.

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