Is Facebook Dying, Why People Loosing Interest In It?

Is Facebook Dying, Why People Loosing Interest In It?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Is Facebook Dying; Facebook has been around for a long time now, about 18 years since it was first started. It has grown, showed changes, new features and even a new name last year, Meta. Facebook as a company has shown growth including apps like WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram. However … Read more

Facebook censors women’s health ads: Reports

Facebook censors women's health ads

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook censors women’s health; Facebook disproportionately blocks ads focused on women’s health, according to a report released Tuesday by the Center for Intimacy Justice and Origin, a nonprofit pelvic floor physical therapy startup. Facebook censors women’s health ads According to the report, which surveyed 60 companies over the past three … Read more

Facebook will stop using facial recognition software

Facebook will stop using facial recognition software

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook facial recognition software; Facebook has announced that it will no longer use facial recognition software that recognizes people’s faces in photos and videos. Concerns were being raised about the right or wrongness of this technique and questions were being asked about privacy, racist bias, and its accuracy. However, the … Read more

If Facebook is not stopped, there will be more riots: Former employee

If Facebook is not stopped, there will be more riots: Former employee

Ground Report | New Delhi: If Facebook is not stopped; Tech giant Facebook has announced a quarterly profit of more than $9bn billion at a time when various international newspapers are reporting on internal documents claiming that Facebook is protecting its profits from consumers. If Facebook is not stopped Frances Hughes, a former employee of the company … Read more

Facebook unable to stop hate speech in India: Reports

Facebook hate speech in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook hate speech in India; Facebook is unable to stop misleading information, hate speech, and celebratory content in India, according to Facebook’s internal documents. Facebook researchers have reported that the platform also has “groups and pages full of anti-Muslim and misleading content”. According to this report, “In February 2019, a … Read more

What could be the new name of Facebook?

Facebook is planning to change its name

Ground Report | New Delhi: new name of Facebook; A small revolution for the nearly 3 billion users of the social network. After 17 years known as Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg could soon unveil the new identity of the web giant. Facebook plans to change its name next week to underscore its desire to focus on creating … Read more

Facebook allow VIP-users to Violate-rules: Reports

Is Facebook Dying, Why People Loosing Interest In It?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook allow VIP-users to Violate-rules; Facebook has long said it applies the same rules to all posts, but internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal paint a picture of a company that has killed millions of politicians, celebrities, and other high-profile users without any consequences allowed to break those … Read more

‘Fake news more popular than real news’ on Facebook

'Fake news more popular than real news' on Facebook

Ground Report | New Delhi: Fake news more popular; A recent study concludes that fake news on Facebook was more popular than real news during the 2020 US election. According to the Washington Post, researchers at New York University and the University of Grenoble Alps in France found that from August 2020 to January 2021, articles that spread false … Read more

‘No vote to BJP’ Facebook group disabled, reactivate it after protests

No vote to BJP' Facebook group

Ground Report | New Delhi: No vote to BJP’ Facebook group; Facebook on the night of August 18 disabled the ‘Don’t vote for BJP’ group, which had over 33,000 members and had campaigned against the Bharatiya Janata Party ahead of the West Bengal assembly elections earlier this year. The “Don’t Vote for BJP” Facebook group … Read more

Photos and videos will now be automatically deleted from WhatsApp

Photos and videos

Ground Report | New Delhi: Photos and videos; WhatsApp, the social media and mobile messaging app, is about to add a new feature for the convenience of its users, in which photos and videos shared on WhatsApp will now automatically disappear after being viewed. This content will be ‘deleted’ without being saved on the phone’s … Read more