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Facebook Data Leak: 50 crore Facebook user's mobile numbers are being sold on Telegram

Another new data leak has been revealed. Mobile numbers of 50 crore (500 million) Facebook users are being sold through Telegram Bot.

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Another new data leak from Facebook has been revealed. Mobile numbers of 50 crore (500 million) Facebook users are being sold through Telegram Bot.

According to the report of Motherboard, 6 million Indian users are also included in these 500 million users. Security researcher Alon Gal has shared the first information about this data leak from his Twitter handle.

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According to Gal, the Facebook data leak incident was also revealed last year through Bot, which was later corrected through patches. Due to the new disturbance in Facebook , the user's mobile number has become accessible for everyone.

 These new disturbances are also affecting the users who downloaded the new patches. The bot is creating a new database of mobile phone numbers Facebook account user which includes the user's Facebook mobile number. These mobile numbers are being sold through the bot. 

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 In 2019, there was an incident of Facebook user data leaks, due to which 419 million (about 42 crore) users were affected. Facebook found that the fault was caused by unprotected servers (unsecured servers), which were later fixed. 

It is possible that the mobile numbers of Facebook users that are being sold on Telegram were stolen in 2019 itself, but many users do not change their mobile numbers for years, due to which their other personal information may be affected. 

Security researcher told that in this new data leak more than 6 lakh Indian users' mobile numbers are also included.

According to the motherboard report, any user's ID can be found from the Facebook user's mobile number. The user who created the Telegram bot is selling Facebook ID and phone number for $ 20 (about Rs 1,460).

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These Facebook IDs are being sold in bulk. Facebook IDs are being sold in bulk through Telegram Bot. The bot is charging $ 5,000 (about Rs 3,64,160) for 10,000 credits.

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