These 9 countries allow foreigners to join their army

These 9 countries allow

Ground Report | New Delhi: These 9 countries allow; Can a country enlist citizens of another country in its army? many countries including America and Russia recruit foreigners in the army. These 9 countries allow foreigners America Only permanent residents and green card holders can join the US military. However, he does not get a commission … Read more

List of Carbon Neutral Countries, How they achieved this?

List of Carbon Neutral Countries, How they achieved this?

Carbon dioxide is by far the most significant greenhouse gas emitted by human activities such as commercial agriculture, forestry, and the use of fossil fuels. The high release level of Co2 results in the rising of heat trapped in the earth’s atmosphere which is one of the major causes of climate change and deterioration. The … Read more

Who’s where in the world’s most charitable countries

Most charitable countries

Rich countries such as the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands slipped in the rankings Ground Report | New Delhi: Most charitable countries; To save the world from the outbreak of the covid epidemic, India had helped many countries under the ‘Vaccine Friendship’ initiative. For these reasons, according to this year’s “World Giving Index” … Read more

Rape : In these countries, rapists are saved from punishment

There are many countries where rapists can escape punishment if they marry the victim. According to a UN report, in 2021, this law is known as the “Marry Your Rapist” law. Let’s take a look at some such countries. Russia According to Article 134 of the Russian Penal Code, if a man convicted of rape is 18 … Read more

10 most cashless countries in the world

There is a lot of emphasis on promoting cashless system after demonetization in India. A look at the world’s most cashless countries. Belgium At present, Belgium is the most cashless country in the world, where 93% of the total consumer payment is cashless. 86 percent of the country’s population has a debit card. If there is a … Read more