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Which countries have the largest forest area in the world?

Countries largest forest area; In 2011, the International Year of Forests was born. An initiative of the United Nations,

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Mountain forests are disappearing at an alarming rate

In 2011, the International Year of Forests was born. An initiative of the United Nations, which then wished to establish a day putting forests in the spotlight. Throughout the world, events are organized to promote, protect and celebrate forests.

Russia has the largest forest area in the world. About 815 million hectares of land in Russia are covered by forests. Brazil, the United States, Canada, China, Australia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo also have a large forest area.

The following list contains the 10 countries with the largest forest area in the world, along with the percentage of the country's total land area:

Countries largest forest area


If we put together all the Russian forests, we could completely cover Australia. With its 7,762,602 km² of wooded areas or 45.40% of the territory, the country is well ahead of the ranking.


Flag Country Total Forest Area Percentage of Forest Area
Russian Federation 8,450,487.791 49.4
Brazil 5,256,557.164 61.9
Canada 3,426,487.451 34.1
United States of America 3,173,720.996 33.3
China 2,100,915.088 22.3
Congo-Kinshasa 1,581,668.504 67.9
Australia 1,242,495.678 16.2
Indonesia 977,439.793 51.7
India 727,718.926 23.1
Peru 684,387.017 53
Mexico 650,665.949 33.3
Countries largest forest area

Just over 56% of Brazil is covered by forest or 4,776,980 km². Of course, a large part is occupied by the Amazon, which, if it remains imposing, has tragically retreated at the rate of massive deforestation. For information, Amazon is spread over 9 countries. In 2012, about 20% of its total surface had already been destroyed by man.


All of Canada's forests, which cover 31% of the territory, could entirely cover India. In Canada, it may be cold, but the trees are growing. On 3,101,340 km² exactly. Canada is also one of the main exporters of wood in the world. If you don't know what to do, they regularly hire lumberjacks.

United States

There are certainly large metropolises in America, but also quite a few regions where nature, fortunately, has plenty of time to develop. The forest occupies almost 31% of the country or 3,030,890 km². Some corners have acquired world renown, like the giant redwoods of Sequoia National Park in California. Yes, the same state where thousands of hectares regularly go up in smoke.


Forest occupies only 18.2% of China. But since it's super big, the country still figures well in the rankings with 1,821,000 km² of trees of all kinds. Trees that the Chinese cut, just to keep the first place in the top among the biggest exporters of wood (among other activities related to the economic development of the country).


More than 50% of the Congo is occupied by forests, i.e. 1,219,326 km². The Congo Basin Forest is the second tropical massif after the Amazon. A massif which is spread over 6 countries, and which is also threatened by the overexploitation of wood. This is where we find the famous gorillas, unfortunately on the verge of extinction.


When we think of Australia, we don't necessarily think of the forest, but rather of the desert, the waves and the Great Barrier Reef. However, 19% of the country is covered by greenery, or 1,470,832 km². Particularly in the southeast, with the temperate deciduous forests (which means trees that lose their leaves in winter), where we find the famous eucalyptus, which koalas love.


The country is one of the world leaders in palm oil production. A controversial matter which, in this case as in many others, causes a decline in the forest, which covers 46.46% of the territory, for 884,950 km².


The country was once almost entirely covered with forests. Today, the latter only occupy 23.6% of the territory. This represents 778,424 km². The alarm bell has been sounded and a reforestation policy has been initiated. The tiger, whose survival depends on the forest


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