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There is no Sunday holiday in these countries

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After working six days from Monday to Saturday, people wait for Sunday. Sunday means a day off. A day of fun for the children, a day of rest for the elders, and a day of rest work for a lot of people. Have you ever wondered why Sunday is a holiday? What is the history of holiday on this day? Here we are telling how the holiday started on Sunday.

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According to the International Standardization Organization ISO, Sunday is considered to be the last day of the week and it is a common holiday on this day. It was recognized in the year 1986, but its history is quite old. In fact, in 1843, the British Governor General first passed the order that Sunday would be a holiday.

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 In India, the British government had made a provision for holiday on Sunday. In 1844, the then Governor General declared Sunday as a holiday in schools and colleges. The aim was that students could have good and constructive discussion among themselves along with their studies.

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Religious beliefs are said to be behind the holiday on Sunday in most countries. In all religions of the world, one day of the week is prescribed to meditate on our God. Like in Islam, Friday means Jumma. Similarly, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians consider Sunday as the day of God and in most Christian countries including Europe, people go to church on Sunday.

Weekly holidays are of great importance after a working week of 5 or 6 days. There are many things that people do in these days. In most countries, Sunday is a holiday, but there are also countries where it is not a holiday.

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In most Muslim countries, Friday is considered a day of worship. For this reason, there is a holiday on Friday instead of Sunday. 

  • Nepal
  • Iran
  • Bahrain
  • Iraq
  • Yemen
  • Jordan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Israel
  • Libya
  • Syria
  • Maldives
  • Sudan
  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arab
  • Oman
  • Queue
  • Palestine
  • Egypt
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
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