How bamboo fabric is better for environment than cotton?

How bamboo fabric is better for environment than cotton?

Bamboo fabric is one of the most popular textiles today, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Bamboo cloth is made from fibers that have been harvested from bamboo plants. The resulting fabric is often soft, cozy, and absorbent, and can be used to make reusable shirts, sheets, socks, towels, and diapers. Because bamboo … Read more

Half of all cotton-growing regions face severe climate risk by 2040

Half of all cotton-growing

Ground Report | New Delhi: Half of all cotton-growing; The first global analysis of climate risks to global cotton production suggests that by 2040, more than half of the world’s cotton-producing regions, including India, will face serious threats from climate change. The biggest reason for this is the increase in temperature, change in rainfall patterns, and … Read more

Pakistan approves import of cotton, sugar from India after 19 months

The Economic Co-ordination Committee of the Cabinet has approved the import of cotton and cotton from India in Pakistan. Apart from cotton and cotton, the issue of import of sugar from India was also on the agenda of the committee meeting held on Wednesday. Hammad Azhar, who became finance minister of Pakistan two days ago, … Read more