My hubby watches me ‘have sex’ with other men, says Catherine Tyldesley

Ground Report | New Delhi: Catherine Tyldesley has revealed that she would go through sexual positions with her husband the night before rehearsals to ensure she would look good.

The former Coronation Street soap opera star, 38, also described how her “cold” husband Tom Pitfield would come to the set and watch her kiss other actors.

Cath, 38, who was seen frolicking last year in the ITV thriller Viewpoint, is grateful to have a partner who isn’t jealous of her approaching other men. She said: “Most of my relationships before Tom, well actually they all ended because of my job. “They didn’t understand, the jealousy. But Tom is so relaxed.

“I remember the night before rehearsals for my sex scenes, and I was like, ‘Baby, if I straddle like this, does my butt look really bad? Do I have a cauliflower ass?’ She added that Tom put her sex scenes on screen before she got pregnant in real life and caught her shaving her legs before filming.

Catherine, who played Eva Price in Corrie, said, “Tom is amazing. He’s the most relaxed and understanding guy because a lot of my relationships before Tom, well, actually, they all ended because of my job. They just didn’t get it. Tom is so cold. “And in the morning, we were in lockdown, we were shooting these scenes, I was shaving my legs and he was like, ‘Oh damn, I haven’t seen shaved legs since the first week.'” (Catherine Tyldesley sex video)

“I was like ‘sorry honey, it has to be done’.” So he’s great. He’s been there on set when I’ve had to kiss other actors. Catherine added that it was good for Tom to see her looking passionate with other stars because she would realize that everything was fake and unexciting in the studio.

She said, “I think that’s good for them because Tom on set can see how clinical he is, he’s not even remotely sexy.” “Tom’s presence means he can see how clinical he is, and not remotely sexy.”

Catherine and Tom married in front of the Corrie stars at Colshaw Hall in Cheshire in 2016, and the couple’s son Alfie turned seven yesterday. The actress is expecting her second child, a girl, next month. Tom has been busy looking after Alfie as Catherine suffers from illness, exhaustion and lack of sleep.

She told the Hot Mess Mums Club podcast: “He makes me cry, honest to God. I feel like Tom has more or less been a solo parent for months because it’s been so hard for me.

He “wakes up with Alfie and takes him to school most days because I can’t function in the morning. “Then when Alfie comes home, nine times out of ten, Tom does his homework for him, Tom makes his tea, Tom puts him to bed, so it’s been really hard.

“And on the weird day that I have Alfie alone, I’m scared: I have to psych myself up and pray to God that he’s having a good day.” (Catherine Tyldesley sex video)

The former Strictly contestant said, “I told my friend that I would rather do Strictly seven times. This is more exhausting, and I never thought he would say that.” The discomfort of being heavily pregnant makes it difficult for Catherine to sleep more than two or three hours a night and she has been forced to turn down in-demand acting roles for the first time in her career.

She revealed, “I hate to admit when I’m not physically up to something. I had to turn down an acting job before Christmas, as a brilliant but very physical job. “I’ve never turned down an acting job in my life and it was pretty intense, so I think I did the right thing, but it’s hard to do, I love my job.”

The Manchester-born beauty also admits that she feels a lot of guilt lately, but she knows she has to listen to her body.

The self-confessed “control freak” said: “I curse myself every day because I feel like I’m not being a great mother to Alfie because I’m so tired all the time.” And I feel guilty because I feel genuinely blessed.

“I am so happy to have this baby, she is so wanted, so when I moan I feel horrible. “There are thousands of people desperate for children so I don’t think I have the right to complain, but this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. “There have been quite a few times in this pregnancy where I’ve said ‘no, I can’t do anything else today because I’m growing up as a human.'”

Catherine is excited about what her new addition will bring to the family and she says that Alfie has already changed their lives “for the better”. She said: “I throw up my hands, I’m probably a pretty selfish person in general, but all of a sudden it’s not about me and I have to put this baby first, and that’s probably a good thing. (Catherine Tyldesley sex video)

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