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Modi is Arrogant, On death of farmers he said ‘Mere Liye Mare Kya’: Satyapal Malik

Modi is Arrogant, On death of farmers he said 'Mere Liye Mare Kya' Satyapal Malik

Ground Report | New Delhi: Modi is Arrogant; Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik, who has criticized the central government for three controversial agricultural laws, has directly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi this time. Malik said at an event on Sunday that he was in “arrogance” when he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi over these laws.

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Modi is Arrogant

In a social program in Dadri, Haryana, Governor Malik said, “When I went to meet the Prime Minister on the issue of farmers, I got into a fight with him in five minutes. He was very proud. When I told him that 500 of our people died he said – Did they die for me? “I said to him, yes, you are the king, I fought. He said- you meet Amit Shah now. I met Amit Shah.”

After this, while talking to reporters, he said on the government’s decision to withdraw the agricultural laws, ‘What could the Prime Minister say other than what he said. We (farmers) took the decision in our favour.

On the pending demands of the farmers, Malik said, “We need their help to get a legal guarantee on MSP and should not do anything that will spoil everything.” “Some issues are still pending. For example, there are still cases (against farmers).

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Satyapal Malik criticized government

Satyapal Malik has criticized the central government many times regarding agricultural laws. Supporting farmers’ demands at an event in Jaipur in November, he had said that whenever he speaks on the issue, he fears that a call will come from Delhi in a few days.

Malik also said, “If the government thinks that this movement is over, then it is not so…the movement has only been suspended. Will start again if injustice or atrocities are done on farmers.” Whatever be the situation, I will be with them (farmers).”

A section of khap panchayats had invited Malik for a panchayat at Kitlana toll plaza in Bhiwani district on Sunday, but he skipped the event. The farmers were sitting on a dharna at this toll plaza for almost a year as part of their agitation.

Malik said, ‘I am in favor of the Khap. He (King) belongs to the time of Harshavardhana. But Khaps should work carefully, they should not go against our constitution and legal system.

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