Leopard rescued from Ajnara Le Garden society in Greater Noida

A leopard was spotted at the Ajnara Le Garden in Greater Noida on Tuesday. However, the leopard was rescued after locals alerted police and forest officials.

A video of the incident has also surfaced on social media. On Monday of last week, another leopard was seen at a residential society in Greater Noida.

Bisrakh police station officials said they were informed about the sighting and are coordinating with the forestry department team on the veracity of the information.

District Forestry Officer P K Srivastava said, “Currently, the situation in the society is calm at the moment. Should we find the leopard, the standard procedure will be to tranquillize the animal and then rescue it from the location.”

One resident, Mukesh Gupta, said: “We found out about the situation this morning when we received an email from the society’s maintenance team. They told us that they had sighted a leopard and to take care of ourselves and not leave our houses”.

“The department received an alert from the Ajnara Le Garden society this afternoon that a leopard has been seen in the basement of one of the society’s towers under construction. Our team immediately reached the scene and launched the search operation to rescue the leopard,” said the division’s forestry officer, Pramod Kumar Srivastava.

The society has around 16 residential towers of which five to six are under construction. The big cat was seen by social workers in one of the basements of the towers under construction and a couple of blurry images of the leopard also surfaced, according to a resident of Ajnara Le Garden.


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