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What is land surface temperature that exceeded 59°C in Spain?

land surface temperature is not air temperature

More that 59°C was measured on the land surface in Spain and 48°C in the south on France. More than 1,000 deaths have been attributed to the heatwave in Portugal and Spain in recent days.

Land surface temperature is higher than air temperature. Don’t mistake it for air temperature. Many people are saying on Twitter that the temperature in Spain has crossed 59 degrees but it is not so. So far the temperature in all European countries has remained around 40 degrees. Which has been recorded in earlier years also. However, this time the situation remains bad in many places due to the wildfire.

People are worried because of the scorching heat. It is being said that this time the temperature can break all the records and Europe may have to face a long summer. The effect of climate change can be easily seen, extreme weather conditions are affecting every country in the world.

What is Land Surface Temperature?

Land surface temperature is the temperature of the land which can be measured by the thermal reflection and it is different from the air temperature. One of the main causes of land surface temperature rise in cities is the existence of thermal islands in these areas. Many factors contribute to the creation of thermal islands, such as wind speed, building materials, green spaces, factories and large industries, and other human activities, the form of solar radiation.

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Land surface temperature (LST) is a general climate variable, which refers to the temperature measured in the air close (1 m) to the earth surface in an open area. It is applicable to any place. The LSI of a place is the indicator of its climate change and radiation exchange with atmosphere. It is important for meteorology, soil moisture and environmental studies.

Barun Raychaudhuri
Presidency University, Kolkata

How people Reacting?

This is not « just summer ». It is « just hell » and will pretty soon become « just the end of human life » if we continue with our climate inaction.


This happens every summer for many years. The problem that a few years ago only scientists saw this knowing that soil surface temperatures don’t matter. What does matter: Temperatures around/over 40 in NW/N France and also in the UK tomorrow, all time records.


Measuring in the direct sun is not good! On my terrace (near Marseille) the planks on the terrace are at 75°C and the soil in the garden at 60°C. This is nothing to do with climate change but how insulated the surface is from the heat sink below. Do Greens understand science?


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