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Know about Shivon Zilis, Mother of Elon Musk’s twins

Tesla CEO Elon Musk allegedly fathered twins with Shivon Zilis, a top employee at his company, Neuralink, according to court documents

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Know about Shivon Zilis, Mother of Elon Musk’s twins

Tesla CEO Elon Musk allegedly fathered twins with Shivon Zilis, a top employee at his company, Neuralink, according to court documents obtained by Insider.

The 51-year-old billionaire had his eighth and ninth children with Zilis, 36, who happens to be the COO of brain-machine interface company Neuralink, co-founded by Musk in 2016.

Elon Musk had twins in November withShivon Zilis, an executive of the billionaire's company,neurolink, according to court records obtained by Insider on Wednesday, bringing the number of known living children fathered by the world's richest man to nine.

In April, Musk, 51, and Zilis, 36, filed a petition to change the twins' names so that they "have their father's last name" and contain part of their mother's last name in their middle names, according to documents. A Texas court approved the request in May.

Court documents show the couple registered the same address in Austin, Texas, according to Insider.

Tesla has a major factory on the outskirts of the city, and Musk's SpaceX rocket company flies from the city of Boca Chica in the southern part of the state.

Who is Shivon Zilis

Shivon Zilis, 36, is known as one of the top executives at Neuralink, a neurotech company that develops implantable brain-machine interfaces.

The company was co-founded in July 2016 by Elon Musk.

A Yale graduate, Zilis has worked in senior roles at various Musk companies, serving as an OpenAI board member beginning in 2020 and a project manager at Tesla from May 2017 to August 2019.

Zilis, 36, was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the venture capital category in 2015 for being part of a number of investment teams, including Bloomberg Beta.

  • Shivon Zilis and Elon Musk met through Zilis's work with OpenAI, a nonprofit that Musk co-founded in 2015.
  • Zilis is from Ontario, Canada, and as a college student, she played goalie on the varsity women's ice hockey team.
  • She had joined Tesla and in 2017 worked at Tesla as a project manager.
  • He later started working at Neuralink. The company focuses on neurotechnology and develops implantable brain-machine interfaces.
  • Zilis is currently Neuralink's Director of Operations and Special Projects. Since he started working at Tesla in 2017, he has risen through the ranks and become a senior executive.
  • Zilis and Musk welcomed twins in November 2021, a month before Musk and Grimes welcomed their second child together, Exa Dark Siderael Musk via surrogate.
  • In April 2022, Musk and Zilis filed a petition to change the twins' names, and the petition was approved by a Texas judge in May 2022.

According to Insider, Zilis could be one of the people Musk uses to run Twitter if his purchase goes through.

In April 2022, Twitter's board of directors accepted Musk's offer to buy the social media platform for $44 billion, but the sale has since been halted while Musk gets more information from the site.

Elon Musk, 50 years old, has been divorced three times and here we tell you who are the women with whom he has shared his life and with whom he fathered his ten children.

Elon Musk has had 10 children - but sadly, one of them passed away.

  1. Nevada Alexander Musk (2002, lived only 10 weeks)
  2. Griffin Musk (2004)
  3. Vivian Jenna Wilson <(2004), formerly Xaiver Musk>
  4. Kai Musk (2006)
  5. Saxon Musk (2006)
  6. Damien Musk (2006)
  7. XAE A-XII Musk (2020)
  8. Exa Dark Siderael Musk (2021)
  9. Twins - names unknown

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