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How Max Fosh Youtuber became richer than Elon musk for 7 minutes?

How Max Fosh Youtuber became richer than Elon musk for 7 minutes

Ground Report | New Delhi: Max Fosh Youtuber; The UK based YouTuber Max Fosh claimed he had become the world’s richest person, deposing tech billionaire Elon Musk, albeit for a period of seven minutes. Fosh’s net worth became nearly twice as much as that of the Tesla founder during that period, he said.

Max has over six lakh followers on his YouTube channel created a video of how he set up his organization and needed to break up it following being blamed for misrepresentation by the experts in the UK. He shared the video and guaranteed he was the world’s most extravagant individual for seven minutes on paper.

Fosh registered his company online as limitless cash restricted, and in the container which asked what might the organization do, he posted – bringing in cash. A mistake sprung up which requested that he pick the organization’s business activities.

In his video, he said it is easy to set up a company in the UK. Fosh exploited a market capitalisation loophole. Fosh, next step was to settle on the offers for his undertaking, which he kept at 10 billion. On the YouTube video, Fosh said assuming his organization was enrolled with 10 billion offers esteemed at £50 each, the market capitalisation of his organization would be £500 billion, making him the world’s most extravagant man and devastating his nearest rival Elon Musk.

Fosh set up his office with two chairs and a table in London but was unable to attract investors. Only one woman agreed to buy one share for £50 “on a whim”. He does confess that it could be declared “fraudulent”. “That’s not good,” he adds. He then wears a suit and sets up shop in London’s financial district and after some persuasion even finds an “investor” who signs a 50-pound deal completing the “stock transfer”. He then sends the documents to the valuation adviser.

But he found her email on the paperwork and reaches out. Finally, with her permission, he dissolves the meeting. Max Fosh’s offered to turn into a tycoon circulated around the web on the web and netizens had loads of tomfoolery watching the YouTuber outperform Elon Musk as ‘the most extravagant man’. The video named “I turned into the world’s most extravagant person for 7 minutes” has gotten 764k perspectives up until this point. The portrayal of the video peruses, “Come at me Elon”.

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