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Jarvo, the serial-pitch invader, who interrupted the match against Ind vs Aus

Viral British prankster Jarvo made an unexpected appearance during an India vs Australia ICC World Cup encounter.

By Pulkit Trigun
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Jarvo, the serial-pitch invader, who interrupted the match against Ind vs Aus

The notorious serial pitch invader, 'Jarvo,' made his mark once again during a match. He created a usual spectacle during the encounter between India and Australia in the ICC World Cup at M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, on Sunday, October 8th. The British infiltrator's antics added a peculiar twist to the proceedings.

A look at the complete incident

The footage featuring Jarvo invading the pitch has now made its rounds on social media. His most notable action was a bold dash towards the crease when the Australian players were at bat. Shortly after, security officials hastily intervened, apprehending him. Concurrently, Virat Kohli seized the opportunity to exchange a few words with Jarvo. This incident unfortunately resulted in unwelcome disruptions to the game.

Who is  Jarvo?

Jarvo, a British prankster, has become a viral phenomenon across social media platforms. He is broadly known by Daniel Jarvis, or "Jarvo 69,". He has carved out a niche in the realm of notoriety for his daring live cricket match disruptions. Setting the genesis of his notorious escapades 14 years back with his YouTube channel Jarvo69, also referred to as BMWJarvo, Jarvis has been sharing pranks and parody-themed content, amassing over 55 million views. Over the recent years, he has been frequently recognized for his numerous pranks, particularly those causing disruptions at sporting events, commonly by invasions of the playing field.

"India's First White Player"

This is not the first instance of such an occurrence. As previously stated, he is a recurrent offender. Jarvo has made headlines in the past, notable for his pitch invasion in 2021 during the India-England match. The Indian team, donned in blue, was touring England when he disrupted the match by making an unwelcome appearance on the pitch during the Oval Test. Regardless of the location - be it England or India's matches - the British prankster has garnered attention worldwide.

Banned for attending any ICC Matches

Now finally, the ICC has officially taken an important decision stating that Jarvo has been banned from attending the remaining World Cup Matches. ICC spokesperson said to PTI,

"The individual concerned has been banned from attending any further games at the event and the matter is in the hands of the Indian authorities."

Earlier, England had banned him from attending any UK Sports game. 

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