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World Cup 2023: Hayden, and Ramiz Raja promoting Islam, slammed by netizens

Matthew Hayden stirs controversy as he praises Islam during an ICC World Cup warm-up match. Get the scoop on the latest news!

By Pulkit Trigun
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mathew hayden promoting islam

A new controversy has erupted on the sidelines of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Former Australian cricketer,  Matthew Hayden is on the target of netizens for promoting Islam in the warm-up fixture with former Pakistani Cricketer Ramiz Raja.

Important to note that a few months back Former Australian cricketer,  Matthew Hayden was the coach of Babar and the Team while Ramiz Raja served as PCB chief just before Zaka Ashraf, the new PCB Committee Chairman. However, both aren’t associated with Pakistan anymore. However they are a part of the commentary panel for the ICC World Cup 2023. 

Promoted Islam!

The incident took place during the ICC World Cup 2023 warm-up game between Pakistan and Australia in Hyderabad when Matthew Hayden was commentating alongside Ramiz Raja. During the match, Raja asked Hayden what he liked about the Pakistan team. Former Australian cricketer answered that Islam has played a big role in lifting their cricket.

Hayden said, "Well, it is very focused around Islam, which is a central and core thing to this playing unit. The way of life in the Pakistan team leads to greater discipline, which I greatly admire after all cricket is a discipline as well". 

The video clip, featuring Hayden and Raja, has been widely spread on social media. While the Pakistan media are taking Hayden's statement as praise it didn't go well for Indian Netizens who slammed Matthew Hayden for his intention of promoting Islam during the match. 

Here’s how the netizens reacted on microblogging site X( Former Twitter):

Matthew Hayden expressed his belief that Islam has played a significant role in instilling discipline within the current Pakistan cricket team, both on and off the field


Why is this Commentary between Ramiz Raja and Mathew Hayden openly promoting & glorifying IsIam being allowed??? This is a Cricket World Cup Match not some Religious gathering that such sermons be given


Whether it's on the cricket field or in the commentary box, Pakistanis tend to bring their religion into it somehow.. This video is from today's match.. where Pakistan's Ramiz Raja is discussing Islam with Australian Matthew Hayden during live commentary


Sports/cricket is a secondary thing for them, their priority lies in cοnverting people to their reIigion. Earlier, Rizwan gifted Matthew Hayden the English version of the Quπαn, and now Ramiz Raza is talking to him about lsIαmιc practices and all during a live practice match. Matthew hayden se Mahmood Haider bana ke hi chhodenge isko.


Such an incident happened in 2006

This did not happen for the first time when the statement of commentators led to controversy.  Back in 2006, former Australia batter, Late Dean Jones called Hashim Amla a ‘terrorist’ on live television during a Test match between South Africa and Sri Lanka in Colombo. After this incident, broadcasters Ten Sports sacked him for commentating. 

What ICC Rule say?

According to ICC, any commercial or religious promotions by the people involved in the conduct of multi-nation events are not allowed.

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