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Home » ‘I would like to tell farmers, not move an inch from Delhi border’: Rahul Gandhi

‘I would like to tell farmers, not move an inch from Delhi border’: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi gave his talk on the farmers movement while giving a press conference on Friday. He said, “The Prime Minister works for five people. 

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He said that “I would like to tell the farmers that you do not back off an inch. We are with you Don’t let the future you want to steal steal you. “

He said, “These are the three laws that need to be understood. The first law will end the market. The second law will allow a few big traders of the country to deposit millions of tons of grain. The third law is to prevent farmers from going to court. “

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He said that the way the government is dealing with farmers, it is completely a criminal act, it is beating and threatening them. The government should cancel these three laws.

Rahul Gandhi said that the government should talk to the farmers, find solutions, the government should not think that the farmers are going home.

He said, “My concern is that these situations will worsen.” Rahul Gandhi said, “Who is responsible for the people who went inside the Red Fort? Go and ask the Home Minister.

He said, “This movement will not stop. This movement will go from village to cities. Now I want to ask the Prime Minister to talk and find solutions, otherwise the country will be damaged. This movement will go to other states also.”

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He said in question, “If a thief enters your house, will you not speak. Farmers will remain silent. This theft is not only happening with the farmers but also with the workers and small traders.”

He called the agricultural laws a theft and said that whatever is happening, it is theft and nothing else. We also agree that there is a need for reform in the agricultural sector but not coercion.

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