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Kunal Kamra refuses to apologize to Supreme Court

Standup comedian Kunal Kamra has refused to apologize to the Supreme Court. He has said in his affidavit, should powerful

By Ground report
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Standup comedian Kunal Kamra has refused to apologize to the Supreme Court. He has said in his affidavit, should powerful people and institutions continue to express their inability to tolerate reprimand or criticism? We will be reduced to a country of unorganized artists and will flourish lapdogs. ' 

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He said that if the court believes that he has crossed a line and wants to ban the internet indefinitely, he too will write a postcard of Happy Independence Day on August 15, like my Kashmiri friends.

Kamra was issued a notice of contempt on December 18 for allegedly defaming the judiciary and judges through his social media posts. Attorney General KK Venugopal gave his consent to initiate contempt proceedings.

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Kamra has filed his affidavit in response to the notice stating that even the judges do not know any protection from jokes. This public confidence in the judiciary is founded on the institution's actions, not on anyone's criticism or comment. 

He said, "Comedians like Munawar Farooqui are put in jail for jokes. We see an attack on freedom of speech and expression which they have not done. School students are being questioned for treason.

Kamra said, 'I can disagree with the decisions of the courts in many cases, but promise that I will cheerfully honor any decision of this bench. I will not defy this bench or the Supreme Court in this case, because it would be contempt of court. 

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The comedian said that he believes there is growing intolerance in this country. We are constantly seeing an attack on freedom of expression and expression. Explain that on December 18 last year, the supreme court issued a show cause notice to Kamra in the contempt case.

He has said that in democracy it is irrational and undemocratic to consider any institution of power beyond criticism.

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