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Gods and Ends by Lindsay Pereira

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Books like these are always tricky to analyse. More often than not, they bring me back to the question of how does one judge the literary merits of a book? Lately, I had read books which I liked instantly, or rather vehemently loved. In the case of Gods and Ends, I loved the easy flowy writing style. The cultural setting was unique and instantly made me curious. That is to say, I could comprehend the book, and the new interest also made me curious. 

So, is it fair for me to say that it is a great book? I am not entirely sure. I wasn’t completely awestruck by the literature. I do indeed appreciate the attempt, even the unique way of telling this story.

Gods and Ends, Lindsay Pereira’s debut novel, explores the relationship of Goan Christians among themselves, and with the city of Bombay. They live amidst the ever-bustling city of Bombay in a building called: Obrigado Mansion. There are flats/rooms in the buildings, and each chapter is devoted to each room. Most characters don’t reappear themselves. Most of them aren’t likeable either.  As a reader, you know it is not their fault. They are wretched—the not-so-fortunates. 

I may have not liked the book, but Pereira’s compassionate yet objective look into this community gives you an interesting insight, if not wholesome. 

I brought this book because, possibly, I saw it on some Instagram book account, and heard praises of the book. Coming back to the pivotal question, how does one judge a book? By its cover. Maybe. If that’s the case, one would instantly pick up the book.

Written By Rajeev. He likes to know about human experiences and the evolution of society. And, if you don’t find him reading a book then, you’d find him watching a film.

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