Pride, not Prejudice: owning and exploring sexualities in contemporary India

sexualities in contemporary India

Sexuality across time and space has been seen through a lens of “biology” irrespective of the context. This association has led to a narrow and skewered perspective of the same. India is a country of diversity, home to dreams and dread alike. Just like every other aspect of one’s identity, in this nation, sexuality too … Read more

Reservation and India: quest of pride, prejudice, and equity

Supreme Court upholds reservation under EWS quota

In February 2022, a Dalit IPS officer had to seek police protection in order to ride a horse to his own wedding celebrations because people from the ‘upper castes’ won’t digest such a display of pride by someone they deem inherently beneath themselves. The operative keyword in this incident is ‘Dalit’. While people born with … Read more

DU turns 100: A century of college culture, student solidarity and shaping history

DU Turns 100

While boarding the rather infamous yellow line of DMRC, especially towards, Samaypur Badli one just can’t help but notice and acknowledge the Vishwavidyalaya station and its very present students – who are almost certainly late for the very lecture they had decided upon attending, last night. Their headphones blaring with music. When they’re in groups, they have … Read more

List of Carbon Neutral Countries, How they achieved this?

List of Carbon Neutral Countries, How they achieved this?

Carbon dioxide is by far the most significant greenhouse gas emitted by human activities such as commercial agriculture, forestry, and the use of fossil fuels. The high release level of Co2 results in the rising of heat trapped in the earth’s atmosphere which is one of the major causes of climate change and deterioration. The … Read more