Climate change made Jammu Srinagar national highway more dangerous

The Srinagar-Jammu National Highway, which connects the Kashmir valley to the outside world, is known for its dangerous conditions and is considered one of the most dangerous roads in South Asia. This highway is a crucial link between Kashmir and the rest of the world, but it is closed for almost 40 days a year … Read more

CSE report counters home ministry’s claim on Dal lake’s water quality

CSE report counters home ministry’s claim on Dal lake’s water quality

The water quality of Dal Lake, a famous tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir, has been a concern for several years due to pollution and degradation. Recently, it has been claimed that water quality has improved during the Modi regime. Despite concerns raised by locals, Nityanand Rai, Minister of State at the Home Ministry, stated … Read more

Kashmir’s climate-resilient homes: A sustainable and cultural Heritage

Kashmir's climate-resilient homes: A sustainable and cultural Heritage

Kashmir’s climate-resilient homes refer to traditional homes in the region that have evolved over centuries to adapt to the harsh winters, hot summers, and heavy rainfall in the area. These homes typically use locally-sourced materials and techniques that are well-suited to the local climate, such as wood, mud, and stone construction, and ventilation systems that … Read more

How retreat of Machoi glacier impacting lives in Kashmir?

The Himalayan glaciers, which act as vital water reservoirs for nearly two billion people in South Asia, have undergone significant changes in recent decades, posing a threat to the water supply and safety of the entire Indian subcontinent. The melting of glaciers in the Kashmir Himalayas, in particular, is occurring at an alarming pace. The … Read more

What is Alaska Willow project and how it is dangerous for environment?

What is Alaska Willow project and how it is dangerous for environment?

Despite facing strong opposition from environmental activists, US President Joe Biden has given approval to the $8bn (£6.6bn) oil and gas drilling project in Alaska, known as the Willow project. ConocoPhillips, the company behind the project, claims it will provide local investment and thousands of jobs. However, critics argue that the project should be halted … Read more

Spring in Srinagar’s Tulip Garden is no longer what it used to be

Spring in Srinagar's Tulip Garden is no longer what it used to be

The largest tulip garden in Asia, located in the foothills of the Zabarwan Hills, is set to open to the public on March 19th. The garden, situated at an altitude of 5,600ft, will showcase over 16 lakh tulips of various kinds along with other flowers like hyacinths, daffodils, and buttercups. Officials have urged visitors to … Read more

What does Islam say about climate change?

islam and climate change

Islam is a religion that emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship and the protection of the natural world. Islam teaches that the earth is a sacred trust from Allah (God) and it is the responsibility of humankind to act as stewards of the environment. The Quran reminds us that the earth has been created with … Read more

“Give Plastic, Take Gold” initiative in Sadiwara village of Kashmir

sadiwara village in kashmir plastic free

In a far-flung village called Sadiwara in South Kashmir’s Anantnag District Jammu and Kashmir has taken a unique approach to tackle the problem of plastic waste by launching an initiative called “Give Plastic, Take Gold”. This program is designed to encourage residents to bring in plastic waste in exchange for gold coins. To implement this … Read more

Badamwari: Almond Blossom in Kashmir

Badam Vaer spring in Kashmir

Every year the cold of winter melts away and spring brings a new beginning and hope. Spring has finally arrived. As a government, it has approved the opening of public parks. The arrival of these flowers signifies the departure of winter and the arrival of spring which attracts tourists from all over the world. The … Read more

Muhammad Yasin’s ‘Bird Forest Resort’ in Kashmir hosts migratory birds

Bird resort in Kashmir

Kashmir has several bodies of water including Dal Lake where a large number of migratory birds come and spend their time in different parts of the lake which is an attraction for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. The new ‘Bird Forest Resort’ located near the world-famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Built by Muhammad Yasin, … Read more