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Why Sudhir Chaudhary quit Zee news, here are 3 big reasons

Why Sudhir Chaudhary quit Zee news, here are 3 big reasons

Sudhir Chaudhary, CEO and editor-in-chief of Zee News, has resigned from the organization. Chaudhary had joined Zee News for the second time in 2012. As per the reports Sudhir Chaudhary is planning to start his own venture.

Sudhir Chaudhary quit Zee

An email to employees confirmed the news, stating that the organization had accepted Chaudhary’s resignation “with a heavy heart”. “The editors of Zee News, Zee Business and Zee 24 Taas will report to the president – Group Strategy & Innovation and WION will report directly to the editor,” the email read.

In his resignation from Subhash Chandra, chairman of the Essel Group, Chaudhary wrote: “This decision of mine is the result of my internal deliberations, which I have been contemplating for quite some time: starting my own company. I assure you that my proposed new company (if you have success) will make you happy and proud of me. My success will be a testament to my apprenticeship for over 15 years (two terms) at Zee…”

Accepting his resignation, Chandra replied, “I had a couple of meetings with him in the last two days and tried to convince him to stay behind, but since he plans to start his own company using his followers, I didn’t want to come in his way of progression.” , so I have accepted it and wished it much success”.

In 2003, he left Zee News and joined Sahara. He was instrumental in launching the company’s Hindi news channel: Sahara Samay. Later, he was also associated with India TV for a short period.

Chaudhary has been working in the television news industry for almost three decades and began his career with Zee. In 2003, he left Zee News and was instrumental in launching Sahara Samay, the Sahara group’s Hindi news channel. He also joined India TV for a short time.

In 2012, Chaudhary rejoined Zee News and began hosting his primetime show Daily News & Analysis (DNA). The show became extremely popular, however, it also invited criticism only on many occasions.

Chaudhary has been working in the television news industry since the 1990s. One of the first generations of television journalists, he was in live television reporting and then 24-hour television news. Chaudhary was told that he had been on the team that covered the Vajpayee-Musharraf Indo-Pak meeting in Islamabad, after the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.

In 2003, he left Zee News. He was instrumental in launching Sahara Samay, the Sahara group’s Hindi news channel. He also joined India TV for a short time. In 2012, he rejoined Zee News, where he hosts the Daily News & Analysis (DNA) news show.

Jindal extortion case

In November 2012, Chaudhary and his colleague Sameer Ahluwalia were arrested on extortion charges[13] after businessman Naveen Jindal alleged that the two journalists had tried to extort Rs 100 million from his company in exchange for publishing stories that linked the Jindal group with the Coalgate scam.

The two were sent to judicial custody for 14 days in Tihar prison but were released on bail. The Broadcast Publishers Association suspended Chaudhary as its treasurer in the wake of these charges, saying that Chaudhary had acted in a manner detrimental to the Association’s interests and goals.

In July 2018, the Jindal Group wrote to the investigative agencies saying that a settlement had been reached and asking them to drop the charges against the journalists and close the case; on the same day, bribery charges were filed against Jindal and others related to the case.


Chaudhary accused Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra of plagiarizing Truman Longman’s speech, pointing to early signs of fascism in India, while both Longman and Moitra later denied plagiarizing the speech.

Mahua Moitra filed a criminal defamation case against Sudhir Chaudhary, after which Chaudhary in his daily prime-time show accepted that only part of Mahua Moitra’s speech was broadcast and showed his regret. Zee Media also filed a defamation case against him for calling it ‘chor’ and ‘paid news’.

On April 10, 2020, on Zee News, Chaudhary openly accused Muslims of impeding India’s war on coronavirus. Chaudhary said on his DNA show that “Tablighi Jamaat betrayed the nation.”

In May 2020, the Kerala Police filed a first information report against Chaudhary for his March 11 DNA transmission, in which Chaudhary discusses “types of jihad”, which were criticized as Islamophobic.

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