Why Ski & Snowboard National Games at Auli cancelled?

The National Ski Championships at Auli in Uttarakhand have been cancelled due to a lack of snow. The sporting event was to be held from February 24 to 8. The event was originally scheduled to take place from February 2-8 but was postponed due to the land subsidence disaster that escalated earlier this year in Joshimath.

Uttarakhand Ski and Snowboard Association Praveen Sharma said: “All preparations have been made to hold the National Ski Competition. However, due to the sudden change in weather, it will not be possible to hold the event this anus”.

The winter games include junior and senior snowboarding competitions, fish races, salaam and giant salaam competitions, according to organizers. “Auli slopes are considered one of the best for hosting winter games, but due to lack of snowfall, the games had to be cancelled,” they said.

It was proposed to organize the National Winter Games in Auli from February 2 to 5. According to this, racing ski competitions approved by the International Ski Federation would be organized.

National Winter Games have been successfully organized in Auli in the past as well. Under the competition, players from all over the country except Uttarakhand participate in the women’s and men’s categories.

Recently, a cable car service connecting Uttarakhand’s Joshimath to Auli has been suspended as huge cracks were detected near the cable car platform.

“The impact of the [land subsidence] in Joshimath is spreading,” said Dinesh Bhatt, manager of the Ropeway Operation”.

“Following the appearance of cracks near the No. 1 cable car tower, the administration has temporarily suspended the service as a precaution” he added.

Why Less snow in mountain regions?

A study from Eurac Research found that 78% of mountainous areas around the world have less snow. Although climate change is much slower than the spread of an epidemic, the impact is devastating.

The reduction in the snowy season is particularly pronounced in the middle and lower levels of the ski resorts, which has made it necessary to make large investments in snow cannons, which are becoming increasingly less effective, as episodes with abnormally high temperatures are more frequent. in mountain areas in the middle of winter. 

There is also the paradox that at high altitudes (above 2,000 m), the rise in temperature has caused an increase in winter snowfall. This factor has increased the moisture content of the air and thus rainfall.


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