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Why Ravish Kumar created his personal YouTube channel?

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NDTV Ex. Senior Executive Editor Ravish Kumar revealed that he has created his personal channel on the popular streaming site YouTube.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Ravish Kumar said that several YouTube channels have been created under his name and profile, so he decided to create his own channel with original content.

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Ravish Kumar has uploaded a video of about 8 minutes on his YouTube channel (Ravish Kumar Official) and said that this is his own channel and why he had to take this step. It has also been told that he created this channel in June this year, but due to the busyness of NDTV Prime Time, time was not available. Because of this, they could not do much. But now it seems that it should be activated. He has now promised to put content on the YouTube channel at a consistent and fast pace. Along with this, it has been told in the signs that this is the ‘new way’.

Ravish Kumar has described himself as ‘real’ so many times, as much as the real Ravana would not have declared himself to be learned and powerful in his entire life. The channel description reads: “This is the official YouTube channel of journalist Ravish Kumar. Apart from this, there is no other channel. Ravish is a longtime citizen of social media.

Ravish Kumar on Facebook wrote, “Too late. This work should have been done by now… Now that YouTube has been announced, I will try to continue to communicate with you regularly in any form of podcast or video.”

“People who have my contact or are connected to me in some way used to bring me these fake channels to confirm if it was my official account. I couldn’t answer all the queries. But yes, I had created a YouTube channel in June of this year with the aim of keeping it active, but I couldn’t keep it active due to my busy prime time,” he added.

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“In order to crack down on these fake channels and free the audience from their confusion as to whether a particular channel is run by me or not, I will try to keep this channel active by posting content regularly” he said.

After the official announcement from the YouTube channel, it is now being discussed on social media that the relationship between NDTV and Ravish Kumar will be broken. However, last August, Ravish Kumar himself denied such speculation.


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