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Why ‘Mr. Misunderstanding’ movie is not streaming in India?

Why Mr. Misunderstanding movie is banned in India

A cross-cultural romance and cross-cultural friendship between Ram, Rosy, and Anu go through a roller coaster of love, laughter, and misunderstanding. The movie- “Mr. Misunderstanding” directed by Muralidharan Chinniah has been banned in India because it talks about Brahmanism and caste in India.

The movie trailer shows that Brahmins are superior by birth and have all the rights even by birth. But furthermore, the movie will not be available to Indians and you have to pay for it even to watch it on, not on the Indian portal.

Muralidharan Chinniah’s Mr. Misunderstanding is a comedy without song, dance and violence. Based in London, it’s a slow-paced film that keeps you hooked throughout its 80-minute runtime. The story revolves around Ram (Harsh Naik), his friend Anu (Sunil Kumar), and Rosy (Catalina Caraus). While Rajamani works on the Savarna-Avarna split, Chinniah makes most of the distinction and hierarchy between Brahmins and non-Brahmins.

Ram’s non-Brahmin friend Anu may be powerless. The movie opens with a scene where they both watch adult film and measure their respective sizes, with Ram taunting Anu and saying “You need seven to satisfy a woman.” Rosy, a white British girl, has heard from a friend that she is separating from a bad marriage, that marriage is not a bad idea and that Indian marriages last a long time. Rosy meets Ram at the library and love blossoms. Ram’s parents agree to this union as Rosy agrees to pay her dowry (a nod to Indian “culture”).

Married life starts off well, but Ram thinks Rosy has too many male friends and this leads him to doubt her “character”.


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