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Why #ArrestTasleemRahmani trending?

Arrest Tasleem Rahmani; After Nupur Sharma's offensive response to Tasleem Rehmani's hurtful words about Lord Shiva on the national television

By Ground report
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Why #ArrestTasleemRahmani trending?

After Nupur Sharma's offensive response to Tasleem Rehmani's hurtful words about Lord Shiva on the national television news channel was directed at the most revered Prophet of Islam. Now Arrest Tasleem Rehmani is trending on social media.

The debate hosted by Navika Kumar was broadcast live on the night of May 26 on the Times Now channel in which the BJP's Nupur Sharma, Tasleem Rahmani, Chairman of the Muslim Political Council of India participated.

Nupur Sharma began to receive an incessant number of death and rape threats for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammad in said debate, although Nupur Sharma's statement was factually correct as he had only referred to something written in Hadith.

Tasleem Rahmani was not ashamed to ridicule the Hindu faith regarding Shivling in Gyanvapi. Tasleem Rahmani, with his Islamic psyche, seemed to be whipping the Hindu faith as he cruelly ridiculed the Shivling that was discovered within Gyanvapi as a source. The Hindu faith system is predominantly based on spiritualism which tends to look at all aspects of the mortal world from a philosophical perspective, while Kashi Gyanvapi is absolutely fundamental to said faith. Rahmani's sarcastic cruelty towards the Hindu faith was as if he lashed out at Hindutva's soul.

Netizens demand arrest of Tasleem Rahmani

Arrest Tasleem Rahmani
Arrest Tasleem Rahmani

Tasleem Rahmani's insults towards the Hindu faith appeared according to said doctrine to move his own political-religious agenda, which is declared to belong only to Muslims. He, as an ex-SDPI and as chairman of the Muslim Political Council of India, became ruthless in attacking the Hindu faith.

Rehmani, Now in a video said: “I condemn the murder of the tailor in Udaipur. This shocking murder cannot be accepted in a civilized society. I personally feel that some forces are trying to create friction between Hindus and Muslims in our country. I condemn the beheading incident in Udaipur. Islam clearly says that no one should take justice into their own hands. People should learn the value of tolerance from the life of the Prophet. The Holy Quran clearly says that the life of the Prophet should be a role model for all as long as mankind exists."

Rehmani said she left the discussion to protest Nupur Sharma's "out of context anti-prophets" comments. "I objected and said categorically that I didn't want to be involved with her."

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