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Nupur Sharma responsible for what's happening in country, says SC

The Supreme Court has strongly reprimanded former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma. The Supreme Court, while hearing Nupur Sharma's request,

By Ground report
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The Supreme Court has strongly reprimanded former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma. The Supreme Court, while hearing Nupur Sharma's request, said Sharma's statement sparked riots across the country. Suspended BJP Nupur Sharma had applied in the High Court to move all FIRs registered against her in different states of the country to Delhi in the Prophet controversy.

During the hearing of her petition, the High Court found Nupur Sharma's statements to be 'responsible' for the unfortunate incident in Udaipur.

A holiday bench of Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala refused to consider Sharma's statement, asking him to approach the High Court. After this, Nupur Sharma withdrew her application from the Supreme Court.

Nupur Sharma had made controversial comments about the Prophet Muhammad during a television debate last month, against which about a dozen FIRs were filed in many states across the country.

The Supreme Court, during its hearing, called Nupur Sharma's comments "painful" and asked: "What was the need for her to make such a statement?"

During the hearing, the Supreme Court also asked that besides running the agenda of a television channel, what was the purpose of debating an issue that is already in court.

The High Court questioned Nupur Sharma's rhetoric, saying: "If you are a party spokesperson, then you are not licensed to make such statements." Senior Advocate Maninder Singh, who appeared for Nupur Sharma, said her client immediately withdrew her statement and apologized for the same.

On this, the Supreme Court expressed its discontent and said that she should have gone on television and apologized to the whole country.

The Supreme Court told Sharma's lawyer: "She took too long and conditionally withdrew the statement. She (Nupur) said that if anyone hurt feelings, she apologizes."

The Supreme Court said: "The way Nupur Sharma instigated feelings throughout the country, she is solely responsible for what is happening in the country."

Expressing its displeasure at even filing the application in the Supreme Court, the high court said: "This petition shows her arrogance, it seems that the magistrates of the country are too small for him."

The court also told Nupur Sharma's lawyer: "When there is an FIR against him and they don't arrest him, it shows their reach. They think there are people behind them and they keep making irresponsible statements."

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