Twitter users complaining follower loss, What is happening?

Many twitter users in India complaining about follower loss. Lots of people loose thousands of followers. After so many people complaint about this #फॉलोवर्स_पर_हमला started trending.

But twitter usually do this to remove fake accounts and bots. If you have these accounts as followere, you loose them. So uethical way gaining followers leads to follower loss.

Earlier in June many big accounts like Anupam Kher also complaint about this. He lost thousands of followers in a day.

So this is not new. After loosing followers social media account holder say that company is trying to curb their voice and this is voluntary action to reduce their reach. They claim that this is against their right to express. One thing need to know that social media is open for all, but there are lots of fake accounts of which no one takes responsibility. They stay active for while and then went off. Such accounts need to be cleaned.

What is Policy?

According to the company, any attempts to “engage in bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that misleads others and/or disrupts their experience,” is defined as manipulation by the network.

Twitter says manipulation on the platform can take many forms and that running fake accounts to mislead others is in violation of its policies. Users giving out misleading information on their account is also considered as part of platform manipulation. Examples of this kind of misleading account information include “using stock or stolen profile photos, use of stolen or copied profile bios; and use of intentionally misleading profile information, including profile location,” according to the policy.

In other words, if the handle does not associate clearly with an individual or entity, it could be blocked till these details are clarified. For instance, there are hundreds of accounts that use the same display picture and name, like that of a popular actor or politician. Such accounts are frequently under the scanner of Twitter.

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