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Why Ahir Regiment protest is trending, what’s the whole matter?

Why Ahir Regiment protest is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Ahir Regiment protest is trending; The people of South Haryana, popularly known as the Ahirwal region, staged a protest at Kherki Daula demanding the formation of an Ahir regiment in the Indian Army.

Many people from South Haryana are in the Indian Army, and the people of the region have been demanding the Ahir Regiment for a long time. Now they have decided to intensify their protest.

Arun Yadav, a member of the United Ahir Regimental Morcha, said that the demand for a separate Ahir regiment was a long-standing demand of the community. “For over 70 years, the community has made sacrifices for the country in more ways than one. Ahirs have a large representation in the army. As there is a separate caste-based regiment for Sikhs, Gorkhas, Jats, Garhwal, Rajputs, we demand the formation of the Ahir Regiment, Indian Express reported.

Though the police force was already deployed to deal with the traffic situation, it was difficult to handle the randomly parked vehicles. However, due to the prompt intervention of the traffic police, the congestion was eased before any lengthy delay.

Yadav said that in 2018 the community had protested for ten days and went on hunger strike. “We called off the strike after the local leaders assured us that our demands would be accepted. We have now started an indefinite dharna and our agitation will intensify in the coming days. We look forward to joining more villages.”

Congress MLA Badli Kuldeep Vats, who came to support the protesters, said that the formation of the Ahir Regiment is pending for a long time. Many families have sacrificed their young sons for the country, and there is still a large number of youngsters in the region. To serve the country by joining the Indian Army. The creation of the regiment will be a mark of appreciation for the people,” said Vats.


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