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Who will be the next CM of Uttar Pradesh?

Who will be the next CM of Uttar Pradesh? As the elections of Uttar Pradesh are at their peak now everyone is waiting to see the face

By sanjana tiwari
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Yogi Adityanath increased DA

Uttar Pradesh under Yogi has seen little change for the better.

Sanjana Tiwari

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who will be the next CM of Uttar Pradesh? As the elections of Uttar Pradesh are at their peak now everyone is waiting to see the face of the next king of Uttar Pradesh. The surprise CM is now the undisputed “CM in command” for the crucial assembly elections early next year. Speculations about the possibility of changes in the state government and party organisation have now been firmly put to rest.

Reports of not all being well between the “CM and the party” have been washed away following the recent meetings of Yogi Adityanath with PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and BJP President JP Nadda.

Yogi Adityanath as a younger leader

He became an MP from Gorakhpur at a very young age and subsequently, he was elected four more times on a BJP ticket, and yet, he was considered an outsider within the party and was better known as the religious head of the Gorakhpur Peeth. There is no denying the fact that he was always considered a Hindutva leader with a limited appeal among Hindus around Gorakhpur, in just a few districts. He was never constrained by party discipline.


He was more than happy running his own organisation called Hindu Yuva Vahini. But once he was appointed to the top job, he emerged as a strong Hindutva leader with a pan-India appeal. And sooner, rather than later, he was seen as an alternative to Modi who could take the RSS agenda to another level. Yogi Adityanath has become a big Hindutva leader.

No doubt then, for the BJP, assembly elections will now be in the name of Yogi Adityanath. Staunch Hindutva supporter, honest, hardworking, and efficient CM will be its prominent campaign theme. However, contrary to the perception, the Opposition too is happy with Yogi’s projection as the next chief minister (Who will be the next CM of Uttar Pradesh?).

Opposition reaction to Yogi’s rule

SP MLC and spokesperson says, “Yogi as CM has been a big disappointment. He has not only deeply divided the society on caste and religious grounds, but has also failed on the development front.”


“Tell me one development project that has been planned and executed during the Yogi rule. No doubt people want an able Chief Minister who can deliver and harmonise the social discord. Yogi Ji stands in no comparison to Akhilesh ji.”

Although we can’t neglect the good works done by him in his ruling he does so many things in the Hathras case he set up a committee in Vikas Dubey and in many more cases we can see the achievements gained by him.

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