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Who was Audrey Hale, shooter behind the Nashville School massacre?

A female teenage shooter entered a private Christian elementary school, Covenant School in Nashville and killed at least 3 kids.

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nashville school shooting who is the suspect

A female teenage shooter entered a private Christian elementary school, Covenant School, and killed at least 3 kids. As per Associate Press, three staff members were also killed in the massacre. The elementary school teaches from preschool to sixth grade.

List of victims released by police

  • Katherine Koonce, 60, "head of school."
  • Three 9-year-old students, Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney
  • Adult victims were Cynthia Peak and Mike Hill, both 61.

According to the Nashville Police, the female shooter was dead within ‘14 minutes of the first call’. The police say she appears to be in her teens. She was armed with two assault-type rifles and a handgun.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake says the 28-year-old woman who killed three students and three adults inside a Christian school was a former student.

According to NBC News suspected shooter is Audrey Hale, 28, a resident of Nashville.

Who was Audrey Hale?

audrey hale trans women behind Nashville school shootings

According to The Mirror, Police searched Audrey Hale's house and found a detailed map of the school, and evidence that she clearly done surveillance before the shooting.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a 28-year-old Nashville native who was a former student at the school.

Audrey Nicole Hale was an illustrator and graphic designer based in Nashville, according to Hale's LinkedIn profile. Hale was also a student at Nossi College of Art in Nashville, where she studied illustration and graphic design.

While Hale's LinkedIn profile indicated that she would graduate in 2022, the school has not confirmed whether she completed her studies there.

In 2015, Hale was honored as the "most improved" student at Nossi, and she received numerous awards during her time at the college. She also worked as a freelance graphic designer, a cat sitter, and a grocery shopper for Shipt. Additionally, she created a children's book about a support dog named Millie.

She also enjoyed playing video games, watching movies, and spending time with animals, including her two cats.

Bill Campbell, a former headmaster at The Covenant School, remembers Hale as a former student, but believes she transferred from the school. The school has not commented on Hale's enrollment or attendance.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake disclosed that Hale identified as transgender. However, it was unclear whether the suspect identified as a man or woman.

Audrey Hale has a personal website where she promotes her work as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer under the same name.

Hello, my name is Audrey Hale. I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer who creates logos for businesses. I primarily work with clients that desire a brand personality. I provide illustrations and designs that will help tell a company’s story. My illustrations usually bring a whimsical and light-hearted feel. Aside from art, I enjoy binging on video games, watching movies, and playing sports. There is a child-like part about me that loves to go run to the playground. Animals are my second passion, so I also enjoy spending time with my two cats. You can follow me on Instagram @creative.aiden.

What was the motive in the Nashville shooting?

On Monday, Nashville Police Chief John Drake announced that officers had investigated a vehicle and address connected to Audrey Nicole Hale, as well as spoken with her father.

As part of the investigation, police discovered writings that appeared to be in the form of a manifesto, as well as research into Covenant facilities and entry points. However, the contents of these writings have not been made public.

According to Sean Brashears, a neighbor who grew up next door to Hale, she was a "normal, nice person" who may have been a little reserved. Brashears believes that Hale's parents are likely just as shocked by the situation as the rest of the community.

He added that the family did not seem like the type to own or use guns and were not known to discuss activities such as going to a gun range or hunting.

Audrey Hale had assault rifles

According to police spokesman Don Aaron, Audrey Hale, the suspect in the shooting at a Nashville school, was armed with at least two assault-type rifles and a handgun.

Aaron did not provide any other information about the weapons, other than saying the shooter had two rifles and a pistol. He did not say if the guns were purchased legally or how the suspect obtained them.

Drake, the police chief, said they believe at least two of the guns used in the shooting were purchased legally in the Nashville area.

Hale does not have a criminal history “at all,” Drake said. He also said they do not know any history of mental illness, but said they are looking at that.

Drake said that according to the suspect's "threat assessment," another location in the Nashville area was a possible target, but the suspect decided not to attack it because of “too much security” there.

Officials said that the officers at the school were wearing body cameras and video footage from the body cams will be released to the public.

What has Hale’s family said about the shooting?

On her page, Hale's mother regularly expressed her pride in her children by posting childhood photos of them with captions such as "Just grateful today to be the Mom of these 2 awesome kids!" in 2017.

Reports indicate that Norma Fort Hale, Audrey Hale's mother, had previously called for more gun control on social media after school shootings. According to Heavy, Ms. Hale shared links to a petition by Sandy Hook Promise to "keep guns out of schools" on her Facebook page, calling the pledge "so important." However, these posts have since been removed.

Ms. Hale has seemingly confirmed that her daughter was involved in the shooting. "It's very difficult now, we ask for privacy," she told ABC News. "I really can't talk right now, I think I lost my daughter today."

In 2018, she also shared a petition aimed at preventing gun violence in schools following the tragic Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.

Anti Trans Campaign

Freelance journalist, Katelyn Burns, tweets ‘ Please be on the look out for intentional misinformation campaigns from anti-transers claiming this shooter is trans.

The last few times a girl or woman has done a shooting they’ve falsely claimed she was trans.’

The thread points out the history of trans accusations and the consequences. And, the other user tweeted, Oh it’s started already. Everyone is asking in news threads if the shooter was trans. 

Active shooting happens and their minds immediately think it’s a trans person. It’s absolutely sick

Read more: How does shooting lead to the anti-trans sentiments among US people?


In the morning, Jon Stewart was trending on the internet for his viral interview with pro-gun Republicans. The former daily show host, and comedian, Jon Stewart was having a conversation about gun violence in the United States, and its consequences, particularly among children. While the Republicans thought, drag shows were more of a concern when it comes to children, than frequent shootings in the school.

This can’t be a trend. This can’t continue while the world is becoming more, and more polarized.

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