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How does shooting lead to the anti-trans sentiments among US people?

Nashville Shootings: The transphobic narratives create a sense of hysteria among people every time there is a hate crime.

By Ground report
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Anti trans sentiments after Nashville School SHooting in US

While the Trump regime focused on ‘Americans’, mainly white, on the other hand, it also rejuvenated conservative sentiments. The sentiments were generally not part of the popular discourse. Former US president Donald Trump represents a very majoritarian, and populist side of the Republican party’s ideology. As part of the US’s politics, the Republican party has been associated with very regressive, or conservative ideas. One of them is their homophobic or transphobic sentiments. 

The American comedian, and Television host Jon Stewart conducted an interview with Nathan Dahm, a Republican Senator from Okhalama. They had conversations about various topics. Two of them were gun control and, ensuring that children don’t watch Drag shows. That’s where the conversation went south. 

The Senator mentioned how drag shows can influence the mind of children, and the state has the responsibility towards those kids till the age of 18. The host was quick to point out how guns, not drag shows, are the major cause of death of children in the United States.

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The ‘official mortality data that showed 45,222 firearm-related deaths in the United States in 2020’. This number has increased in the last half a decade, second only to motor vehicle accidents.

Jon Stewart hosts this show called, ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ for Apple TV+.

Transphobic narrative

The shooter has been identified as not a trans. But, a similar narrative breeds after every shooting or homicide. Freelance journalist, Katelyn Burns, Twitter thread points out the same. ‘ Please be on the look out for intentional misinformation campaigns from anti-transers claiming this shooter is trans.

The last few times a girl or woman has done a shooting they’ve falsely claimed she was trans.’

‘Active shooting happens and their minds immediately think it’s a trans person. It’s absolutely sick’

The same names are pooped up every time.


Through the internet, the discourse has become egalitarian, and so has the cancel culture. The discourse around identity would be one of the biggest trends on the internet. From sexual orientation to gender identity, everyone is talked about as if it's everyone’s business. People share their half-baked information as facts. I should remind you, we live in a ‘post-truth’ world. Your opinions are facts.

The transphobic narratives create a sense of hysteria among people every time there is a hate crime. There is also a narrative that people who opt out of gender binaries have had dysfunctional pasts. Hence, are more prone to commit hate crimes or acts of violence.

This narrative has to change. People have to scrutinize information. Individuals have to stay away from the blame game. Basically, guns kill people. Guns should be not available so easily and should be the point of conversation. That’s exactly what Jon Stewart was trying to present in the interview. At the same time, present the fallacy in the argument of the Republican.

There is a link between Transphobic ideas, conservative beliefs, and pro-guns individuals. And, some of these people are from the Internet, and some, unfortunately, are in the parliament of the United States.

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