Who is Naseebo Lal seen in coke studio season 14 with Abida Parveen?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Naseebo Lal; The 14th season of Pakistan’s popular music show ‘Cook Studio’ has got off to a great start with the performances of legendary Sufi singers Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal. Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal have started the 14th season of Cook Studio with a wonderful song ‘To Jhoom’. 

With the release of this song, ‘Cook Studio 14’ has become one of the top trends on the micro-blogging website Twitter. This new season of Cook Studio is presented by music composer Zulfi.  The song ‘To Jhoom’ composed by Abdullah Siddiqui has been written by Adnan Dhol while Zulfi is the composer.

Who is Naseebo Lal

Naseebo was born in 1970 to a nomadic family originally from Rajasthan, India. Her family migrated to Pakistan in Kalwar Kot Bhakt, Punjab, Pakistan. The whole family was involved in singing and when they came to Pakistan they continued singing.

Naseebo Lal is a famous Punjabi singer from Pakistan, who is also very popular in India. It has become a household name, appealing to new music-loving audiences around the world. Naseebo Lal has recorded more than 1500 songs in her career. Besides Punjabi, Naseebo Lal sings in Marwari [Rajasthani], Urdu, and Pashto.

Naseebo Lal started her singing career in 1980 when she was singing on a train and a famous Pakistani artist in the film industry noticed her magical voice. He invited her to come with him and sing Madam Noor Jahan’s song “Loot Aao Ke Bihar Aaye Ha”. She accepted the offer and at first, without any training, Naseebo Lal broke the record with her voice. People loved her and her voice is really amazing which will touch your heart. As far as her singing career started and she became a famous Pakistani singer.

Some of her popular songs include: ‘Meri Phullan Wali Kurti’, ‘Ronde Ne Nain Nimare’, ‘Sache Kabhe Moun Marde’, ‘Naseeb Saade Likhe Rabb Ne Kachi Pencil Nal’, ‘Sanu Maar Gai Sajna’, ‘Beh Ke Dehliz Wich’, ‘Dholna Dhona’, ‘Dil Tod Ke Mera Na Jawe’, ‘Photo Rakh Ke Sarhane’, ‘Jido Piche Maan Di Duwa’ and ‘Mahi Wah Jon Kon Mere’.

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