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Who is Naina Bhan, aka Koel Kalra in Netflix show 'Class'? 

Naina Bhan plays Koel Kalra in the show, one of the students at Hampton International. Yet another show to binge watch on netflix

By Ground report
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Class naina bhan koel kalra netflix.

Yet another binge material available on Netflix for this weekend. Go onto your Netflix, and watch Class. Naina Bhan plays Koel Kalra in the show, one of the students at Hampton International. She finished her bachelor's in history from Miranda House, Delhi in 2013. And, then a Masters's Degree in Film and Video communication from the National Institute of Design (NID). She went to Delhi’s Sanskriti School.

Naina's bio on LinkedIn reads,

“I am a visual thinker with expertise in creative strategy, project management, operations and leading teams. I also have experience in script writing, talent management, film-editing, casting and acting.”

Her character felt like a mix of Maddy and Cassie from HBO’s show Euphoria. Her character is mostly in the background, until the fourth episode. I think, she did a fairly decent job with whatever was offered to her. 

About the show

Netflix currently dropped their new show called ‘Class’, based on the Spanish hit ‘Elite’.  ‘Class’, as understood, deals with the class conflict in Indian society. The show overlays the class conflict with the caste in India.

The show is set in the city of Delhi, and inside a fictional high-society lavish school called ‘Hampton International’. The school feels more like a ‘hotel’ than an educational institution, as remarked by one of the students. The high-class students feel uneased by the advent of three low-class students from the slums of Delhi. The lives of all these students get intertwined when police start a murder investigation.

The identity, choices, class, caste, religion and some coincidences play a significant role in shaping the narrative of the show. It is easy to lose the show after four episodes. The series is eight episodes long. 


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