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Which city of India is equal to which country in population

India is the second largest country in the world after China. Many cities of India also leave behind many countries in terms of population. Let’s take a look at such cities and countries.


In a 2016 UN report on cities around the world, the estimated population of Delhi is 2.64 crore. In this way, the capital of India is ahead of the African countries Madagascar (2.62 crores) and North Korea (2.55 crores) in population.

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Mumbai, called the city of dreams, has an estimated population of 2.13 crore. The countries with a population around it include Sri Lanka (2.12 crore) and Niger (2.24 crore)


Kolkata is the largest city in eastern India with an estimated population of 1.49 crore. In this way, in terms of population, Kolkata leaves behind the African country of Zimbabwe, whose population is around 1.44 crore.

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Bangalore, called the hub of the IT industry in India, has about 1.04 crore people. Among the countries around the world, its population includes Greece (1.05 crore) and Portugal (1.02 crore).


The UN report puts the population of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, at 1.01 crore. In this way, Chennai is ahead of countries like Jordan (99.6 lakh) and Azerbaijan (99.4 lakh) in terms of population

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Famous for its four minars and its special biryani, Hyderabad has an estimated population of 92.1 lakh. You can place Hyderabad between Belarus (94.5 lakh) and Tajikistan (91 lakh).

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Ahmedabad is the most populous city of Gujarat, where about 75.71 lakh people live. Countries that have a population around Ahmedabad include Sierra Leone (76.50 lakh) and China’s autonomous region Hong Kong (73.71 lakh).


Surat city of Gujarat is famous for diamond trade. The population of this city is about 59.02 lakhs. In this way, its population is more than Turkmenistan (58.50 lakh).

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In recent years, Pune has made a place among the important cities of India. It has an estimated population of 58.82 lakhs. In this way, Pune also overtakes Singapore (57.57 lakh) and Denmark (57.52 lakh) in terms of population.


The UN report has estimated the population of Pink City Jaipur to be 35.49 lakh, which is higher than Eritrea (34.52 lakh), Uruguay (34.49 lakh) and Bosnia-Herzegovania (33.23 lakh).

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