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Top 10 most deadliest earthquake ever

10 deadliest earthquake; Earthquakes are one of the most deadly natural disasters. This powerful geological movement taking place within

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Which Indian state faces the most earthquakes in a year?

Earthquakes are one of the most deadly natural disasters. This powerful geological movement taking place within the earth has killed millions of people so far. One look at the deadliest earthquakes ever.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and Syria early Monday, toppling hundreds of buildings and killing 1,300 people. Hundreds of people were believed to remain under the rubble, and the death toll could rise as rescuers searched through the wreckage in cities and towns.

On both sides of the border, tremors jolted people awake several hours before dawn and out into the streets on a cold night of wind, rain and snow. Dozens of buildings collapsed in cities across the border region.

Shanshi, 1556

The 1556 earthquake in China's Shanxi province is called the most deadly earthquake in human history. According to scientists, an earthquake of about 8 magnitudes on the Richter Scale broke the ground in many places. There were landslides in many places. The earthquake killed 8,30,000 people.

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Tangshan, 1976

The earthquake in Tangshan, about 100 km from Beijing, the capital of China, killed 2,55,000 people. According to unofficial reports, the number of dead was more than 6 lakhs. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake made its impact up to Beijing.

Indian Ocean, 2004

In December 2004, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake caused great devastation in Indonesia. The earthquake emitted energy equivalent to 23,000 nuclear bombs. The tsunami waves that caused this caused great damage to life and property in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. The biggest loss was in Sumatra, Indonesia. In total, this disaster killed 2,27,898 people. 1.7 million people were displaced.

Aleppo, 1138

According to historical documents, that earthquake in Syria shook Aleppo completely. The walls of the fort and the rocks became frozen. The small towns around Aleppo were also completely ruined. It is estimated that that earthquake killed 2,30,000 people.

Haiti, 2010

A magnitude 7 earthquake on the Richter scale made 2,22,570 a bite. One lakh houses were destroyed. 13 lakh people had to be displaced. Haiti is still rebuilding.

Damaghan, 856

Damghan was once the capital of Iran. According to historical documents, about 12 century ago a powerful earthquake arose from the city of Damghan. The earthquake completely destroyed the capital and its surrounding areas. The death toll was estimated at 2 lakh.

Haiyuan, 1920

The tremors of about 7.8 magnitude earthquake in China were felt thousands of kilometers up to Norway. The earthquake killed 2 lakh people in Haiyuan Province. A large village was buried by landslides in the neighboring province of Shijie. All the houses near big cities like Logande and Huining were demolished. The earthquake stopped some rivers and changed the path of some forever

Ardabil, 893

The tremor of the Damghan earthquake in Iran was not even over that another major earthquake occurred 37 years later. It engulfed Ardabil, the largest city in northwestern Iran. Nearly 1,50,000 people died. Once in 1997, there was another powerful earthquake in this area.

Kanto, 1923

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake caused great devastation in Tokyo and Yokohama areas. More than one and a half million houses were damaged. It is also called Great Tokyo Earthquake. Four-meter-high tsunami waves followed the earthquake. The disaster killed 1,43,000 people.

Asgabad, 1948

On October 5, 1948, the Asgabad region of Turkmenistan was hit by a powerful earthquake. The 7.3-magnitude flood water caused extensive damage to the villages in and around Asgabad. Many trains were also victims of the accident. The earthquake killed 1,10,000 people.

Kashmir, 2005

A 7.6-magnitude earthquake in the disputed region of India and Pakistan killed at least 88 thousand people. The tremors of this earthquake that came in the morning were felt till India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China. About 87 thousand people died in Pakistan. 1,350 people died in India.

Cinchuan, 2008

More than 87,000 people lost their lives. Nearly one crore people were displaced. The earthquake of magnitude 7.9 also killed 10,000 school children. According to the Chinese government, the earthquake caused about $ 86 billion in damage.


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